Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the wall-to-wall coverage of a “dispute of the decayed monarchy,” saying they were going to take a “hard pass” on the story but decided he had to point out the lunacy of Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah.

Tucker’s assessment of Meghan Markle was brutal, calling the duchess a “manipulative opportunist,” and her husband Harry, “weak and unhappy.” He also referred to Meghan as the former Prince’s Hollywood actress wife as his “angry wife from Los Angeles.”

Carlson showed a clip of Meghan Markle explaining to Oprah how her sister-in-law Kate, made her cry over a “flower girl dress” dispute.

“Here’s this royal person, telling Oprah that she was wounded because she got into an argument over clothes,” Tucker said. He mocked Markle for her drama over flower girl dresses, saying, “This is her 9-11.”

“I had bodyguards, but I was not protected…I was silenced!’ says the lady doing a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.” Tucker continued, “‘When I speak, only one hundred million people hear it around the world!'” he said mocking her, as he called her out for attempting to paint herself as a “victim.”

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Tucker used disturbing Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Hillary as examples of ultra-rich women who somehow get away with painting themselves as “victims,” as he explained that these wealthy, powerful women will destroy you if you don’t buy into their victim narrative.


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Candace Owens, who is married to a British citizen, also mocked the interview, as she addressed Markle’s claims that she wanted to commit suicide over her loneliness and treatment by the Royal Family while she was pregnant, saying that she was either “unstable, lying for sympathy or both.”

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