Things are still pretty tense between Russia and Turkey. So this happened…A Russian soldier was spotted atop the Caesar Kunikov landing ship with a shoulder fired missile -manpad – today while crossing the Bosphorus.He stood there for 40 minutes as the ship went through the Bosphurus. The Bosphorus is a natural straight and international waterway between Europe and Asia in Turkey.

amanpadsVlad Tapes had this to say about it:

Russia Facing Difficulty In Turkish Straits? Shipping Disruptions May Be Moving Global Oil Market

A source involved in global oil freight contracts revealed tensions in the Turkish Straits are high and there exists a very real probability that Turkey may be blocking Russian ships at the Bosphorus Strait, Benzinga Pro reported.

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Chatter from other traders theorizes that Turkey may be strategically placing vessels in the path of Russian vessels in the Bosphorus. To comply with the Montreux Convention of 1936, it’s thought Turkey could make Russian ship movement activity as difficult as possible without an outright blockade.

Montreux laws prevent Turkey from closing the Straits without declaring war, something former Russian Defense official Yevgeny Buzhinsky recently said he didn’t think would happen.

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