Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey needs to be called out for allowing “Trump is in Dallas” to trend on Twitter, where leftists are calling for the assassination of President Trump.

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Two hours ago, while leftists on Twitter were literally calling for the assassination of Trump and “Trump is in Dallas” was trending on Twitter, CEO Jack Dorsey was tweeting about Nike’s Juneteenth paid holiday announcement.

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We watched this trend happen for several hours. The first tweet by “Isaac Berryhill” (see below) that got the trend started is still up on Twitter with over 1K likes and 177 retweets.

This Twitter user, who goes by “Ali” shows an iconic photo of Malcolm X with a rifle in his hand looking out the window, saying: “Hold up, Trump is in Dallas? Where JFK was assassinated?”

Isaac Berryhill tweeted the photo of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy moments before he was assassinated in Dallas. He asked, “If Trump is in Dallas rn (right now) who’s gonna make sure he rides around in the droptop today?” Hundreds of Twitter users like “Adams Pretty Eve” retweeted his tweet, showing their support for the suggestion to assassinate President Trump while he’s in Dallas today.

When friends called out Berryhill, and Twitter users like us, reported his assassination tweet, he simply blocked the FBI on Twitter, assuming his problems would be solved.

“Hermit” tweeted a photoshopped image of Trump in place of JFK, using the trending: “Heard Trump is in Dallas today.

This far-left Twitter user whose profile includes literally every victim category,  tells President Trump to “Please Visit the Grassy Knoll.”

Author, Barabara Rogan, whose books have been published by Viking and Penguin Book companies and can be found on Amazon books, also joined the assassinate Trump crowd, retweeting Berryhill’s vile tweet, saying: “As if. Only way Trump would risk the streets is in a tank. #MostHatedMan.”

Antifa supporter, “curlyheadd” tweeted a photo of Trump in a casket, saying, “trump is in dallas today…i’m just gonna leave this here.” Another far-left Antifa supporter retweeted their tweet.

This Twitter user tweeted, “everyone manifest another jfk situation since trump in dallas lol” adding “(this is a joke for legal reasons)

Imagine if tweets about assassinating any other president in history were allowed to trend on social media. For some reason, if the left is calling for the death of Trump, it’s okay. Lets’ hear more from the media about how President Trump was acting cowardly when the violent rioters were approaching the White House last week.


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