Twitter suspends accounts that violate Twitter rules, that much we know.

Without stating what rules were violated and what exactly is contained in the wording of said rules, one can only conclude that anything that does not advance the agenda of Twitter’s communist Democrat overlords will be stricken, silenced, suspended, and nixed from their site. reports,

Big Tech monopoly Twitter has suspended the accounts of the Audit War Room and the Maricopa County Audit as of Tuesday, in a move that audit supporters have criticized as a direct act of interference in the democratic election process. Twitter has not released a statement explaining why the accounts were banned.

Today and every day, in typical fashion, tyrannical Twitter has purged multiple accounts that dare to inform citizens of ongoing audit results. Can’t have an informed populous, they’re harder to control.

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Liberal cheerleaders on Twitter forget the age-old adage, what goes around comes around, moronically believing their loyal commitment to the American-hating party will forever insulate them from being silenced themselves. Some posters couldn’t contain their joy at seeing conservative accounts suspended and hastily sought to advertise their ignorance:

One useful idiot chimed in with, Good. Take out the trash.

And another flaunted his stupidity posting, All this election fraud stuff is utter bullshit. Bill Barr, selected Attorney General by the very stable genius Donald Trump.

It’s hard to grasp the level of depravity the left has sunk to with their open-armed embrace of a totalitarian state. The day will surely come when they realize their votes are no longer needed and their usefulness to the regime has expired. Hopefully, when that day arrives conservatives can get their accounts unlocked so they too, can showcase their delight.

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