The  Twitter employee in the video below considers the “sh*tty people” to be people like conservative blogger Mike Cernovich. Would that be ALL conservatives who have an opposing view or who tell the truth the left doesn’t want you to see? We believe the First Amendment doesn’t exist in social media because the so-called “sh*tty people” are being shut down or shadow banned.

A Twitter lock out happened last night that has social media abuzz. We lost 1,000 followers overnight. Many other activists lost more than 1,000 and were even banned from Twitter.

This might seem like a small thing to many readers but you need to know that conservative voices are being silenced. We have seen a gradual decline in viewership at numerous Facebook pages.  We know that our 100% FED Up! Facebook page is being “shadow banned”. We’re now seeing Twitter do the same thing to opposing views on subjects like gun control. Censorship is a big deal! Without critical thinking and a view of both sides, we become a nation controlled by the far-left media machines. We need to see the truth too…many times, the censorship is due to the fact that the media doesn’t want you to see the truth.

Hijacking the narrative is what the left does best. There is a full-on effort to shape your opinion. Please fight back! The loss of our First Amendment could mean the loss of our Second Amendment…

Is the #TwitterLockOut what Twitter Trust & Safety Manager Olinda Hassan said they’re “working on” in order to “get the shitty people to not show up?”

Looks like thousands of Twitter users committed the thought crime of tweeting about “God,” “the American flag,” and “guns,” and were taken off the platform. Our undercover reporting into Twitter showed those terms indicate to engineers you are “for sure a bot.” #TwitterLockOut

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