Last week, Twitter’s arrogant CEO Jack Dorsey made the incredible decision to suspend President Donald J. Trump’s account. Curiously, at the same time, Facebook decided to suspend President Trump until after the inauguration. Within hours, popular conservatives that drive an enormous amount of traffic on Twitter announced they would be leaving the social media platform that has no regard for free speech, and are moving to Parler, the fastest growing social media platform on the internet. Parler’s CEO John Matze, is a true champion of our First Amendment Right to free speech. Almost immediately, three mega-monopolies, Google, Apple gave Parler 24 hours to create a censorship policy for their users or have their apps removed. Amazon followed suit, issuing a similar warning. Last night, Amazon removed Parler from their cloud servers. Parler is in the process of moving its platform over to new servers today.

Parler CEO John Matze made a bold statement on his rapidly growing social media platform this morning:

If free speech truly is the enemy and we must restrict and censor the voices of people to keep our country safe then our country is already lost.

If one man’s voice is a threat to our nation but his holding of the presidential office is not, than it is apparent the powers of the presidency are less powerful than a single voice. Why should any of us settle to giving up our rights to free speech?

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It’s clear that Facebook and Twitter believe the ends justify the means. They believe the American people are weak. They insult our founding fathers by suggesting Zuckerburg and Dorsey know what is best for us.

Parler is not an arbiter of truth. We believe in you. We believe you are wise enough to decide for yourself and trust that given access to all information we can self govern. The solution is clear. If you believe in free speech, and our founding principles of our republic, then we must liberate others by promoting free speech Parler.

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Tiffany Trump posted a comment about her father being banned from Twitter, asking, “Whatever happened to free speech?”

Matze responded:

You won’t find it on the Twitters with all those bird brains in charge. They are not a platform but a publisher. They don’t want free speech and as a byproduct, they must not like democracy.

A functioning democratic republic and democratic process requires discussion, debate and access to information. We the people must make our own choices, determine for ourselves what is true and false. We must be our own fact checkers. None of this can be done without free speech and free access to information.

It appears as though after several years of censoring conservatives (including 100 Percent Fed Up) on their platform, Twitter’s chickens are finally coming home to roost…

MSN reports- Twitter stock fell as much as 12% on Monday after the social-media company permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s account on Friday evening. The share-price decline wiped $5 billion from Twitter’s market capitalization.

Twitter stock likely fell because investors are worried the Trump ban will erode interest in the platform and lead to boycotts among those who see the decision as politically motivated and a way to silence a major conservative voice.

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