Twitter just kicked their censorship game into high gear just months before the November elections by suspending an account that published a video of violent riots. What’s even more shocking with the censorship is that President Trump had retweeted the video of the violence from the account that is now suspended. Twitter is now more aggressively suppressing the truth…

President Trump’s twee,t is below but the video he retweeted is from an account that has been suspended:

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Social media platforms have been threatened in the past for their censorship. It’s been all talk and no action. It’s way past time for action from Congress to stop the censorship from Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter is creating more Trump voters every day by trying to censor the violence because Americans want their First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Trying to hide the truth via censorship won’t work. There are plenty of videos out there that spell out the left’s agenda of anarchy and destruction. Here’s just one of many:


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