You can still use all of the other emojis that can represent violence like a bomb or a knife emoji but there’s officially no more pistol emoji on Twitter.  They finally deleted the emoji following other tech giants such as Apple, Samsung and WhatsApp. What do they think we are? Toddlers?

You won’t believe what it’s been replaced with. It’s like Twitter thinks adults aren’t mature enough to have a REAL pistol emoji so they decided they’d delete it and replace it with an infantile and ridiculous cartoon water pistol. This pistol was designed to look less threatening…We kid you not! People are outraged by the over the top attempt to be politically correct about guns.

The social network regularly adds, removes and changes emojis.

Twitter’s original emoji design for the pistol looked clearly like a revolver, with a brown stock, a short barrel and an obvious revolving cylinder for bullets. It looked like a pistol SHOULD look! Now we have a water gun in place of the pistol…insanity!

The new version is green and clearly looks like a water pistol.


NYP reports:

The assumption by anti-gun nuts is that changing the pistol emoji could soften threatening tweets because anyone with half a brain knows a water “pistol” is nothing remotely like any kind of gun. IT’S A TOY!

Unsurprisingly, people are divided over Twitter’s decision to scrap the emoji, with some users blasting the social network over the change:

“Your five-year-old is playing GTA and you are worrying about an emoji!”

Another said: “We’re now living in a world where any form of ‘violence’ has to be removed.”

“A gun emoji, do you know how pathetic that is that it’s being replaced with a water pistol because of people being childish and gun laws getting involved with an emoji…”



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