As the nation watches extreme political oppression for Trump-supporting J6’ers who have languished in prison awaiting trial or been given extremely harsh sentences with high conviction rates, several people have looked into what standard conviction rates are in the Federal judicial system.
Live Not By Lies Tweeted that the conviction rates for January six participants, while extreme, are in keeping with the norm.
“Using 2018 numbers, less than 1% of criminal defendants in the federal system go to trial and are acquitted. 90% plead guilty. So the conviction rate of J6ers seems on par with the historic trends of federal criminal case outcomes.”

The above tweet also shows that according to Pew research, 8% have their cases dismissed. The pie graph above reveals that of the 2% that go to trial, 83% are convicted, leaving only a slim minority at 17% who receive an acquittal. Put into actual numbers, that would mean that of 79,704 total federal defendants, only 320 – “fewer than 1% – went to trial and won their cases at least in the form of an acquittal. These statistics include all defendants charged in the US District courts with felonies and serious misdemeanors, as well as some defendants charged with petty offenses.”
Julie Kelly noted that the “DOJ has about a 99% conviction rate for J6ers, including six seditious conspiracy convictions.”
Kelly’s Tweet roused anger on Twitter, with many asking how many Antifa convictions there were following their wake of destruction in cities across America.
“All bogus political prosecutions. BTW – How many Antifa terrorist convictions does the DOJ have?

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Another asked how many were being brought to justice for the 2020 and 2021 Antifa events, along with their current destruction in Atlanta.
“How about convicting all those that destroyed our cities in 2020 & 2021? Also, those that are destroying Atlanta right now?? They caused far more harm than the 99% you’ve convicted of J6ers.”


Another Twitter user pointed out that many defendants are willing to plead guilty for a lesser sentence. Undoubtedly many J6ers facing political opposition and suffering under appalling conditions in the DC gulag know they are not likely to receive justice in a Washington DC courtroom filled with political opponents with an agenda at stake. Therefore, many would understandably take a plea deal since justice stands at a distance.
“Their conviction rate is that high because 95 % of the time, they get a deal to lower their sentence. If you’re offered decades in prison or just a few months for pleading no contest, which would you take?

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