A Twitter user by the name of Keziah uploaded photographs dressed in her prom outfit, which was a cheongsam, or a Chinese-style dress. Innocent enough, right?

Though a fairly innocuous photoset, the tweet caught the ire of another Twitter user Jeremy Lam, who furiously responded that his culture was NOT someone’s prom dress.

Though bombarded with hate and accusations of being casually racist the 18-year-old who just wanted to enjoy her prom night in a nice dress stood firm against the abuse.

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To everyone causing so much negativity: I mean no disrespect to the Chinese culture. I’m simply showing my appreciation to their culture. I’m not deleting my post because I’ve done nothing but show my love for the culture. It’s a fucking dress. And it’s beautiful.

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She tweeted “It’s a [email protected] dress. And it’s beautiful.”

Ironically, internet sleuths found that Lam, the original harasser, wasn’t the paragon of “woke” virtue as he made himself appear to be, as old and controversial tweets were soon discovered. Lam had an entire group of racist and culturally insensitive tweets that were then used to take this him down for claiming “cultural appropriation” against Keziah.  Our favorite tweet back to Lam is below:

So this dude found a random girl online and convinced 100k+ people to bully her over a prom dress. Bro if your idea of your culture is so shallow that it can be boiled down to a dress then if anyone is insulting it its you.




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