Twitter is targeting President Trump again by ‘flagging’ a tweet.

The claim is that President Trump used ‘abusive language’ after he said he would use ‘serious force’ against the thugs trying to rip down the Andrew Jackson statue outside the White House.

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When a tweet is flagged for ‘abusive behavior,’ the reader is warned before they can see the text of the tweet.

President Trump tweeted out saying there will ‘never’ be an autonomous zone on Capitol Hill.

He also said those who try to establish an autonomous zone ‘will be met with serious force.’

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A note is at the top of the tweet attempting to indicate that there is something truly ‘abusive’ about what the president wrote. Serious force is a term that could be interpreted in many ways. Twitter is way off base here.

Also, the tweet came with another layer of warning:

Monday night’s protests brought about a short-lived autonomous zone called ‘BHAZ’ or ‘Black House Autonomous Zone.’

Anarchists defaced a historic DC church across from the White House (video below) to stay relevant. The anarchists also yelled at police officers. One video (see below) of a man bunned anarchist shows him screaming at a black police officer about Black Lives Matter using the “N” word. A young woman screams in hysterics (see below) at a police officer. She clearly needs to seek help.

Earlier in the day, a mob of anarchists tried to tear down the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Park.

Police officers scuffle with anarchists:

The DC police did a great job of pushing the crowd back:

They also set up an autonomous zone called BHAZ near the White House.

Spray painting columns on a historic church is similar to toddlers scribbling on the wall to get attention. Pathetic.

Insanity from the clueless idiots yelling at police:

Thugs tried to take down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park outside the White House last night.

DC police did a fantastic job of pushing the crowd back and preventing the statue from being torn down:


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