The leftist media continually fails to understand that replacing and removing “trigger words” will not “end centuries of racial injustice.” Words like ‘master,’ ‘slave’ and ‘blacklist will soon be removed from the social media platform Twitter. The liberal cry comes as similar efforts have taken on “ new importance with the new push against racial inequality in the United States triggered by the death of George Floyd,” according to CNET.

A black programming engineer at Twitter, Regynald Augustin, began the cry for change following an email last year with the phrase “automatic slave rekick.” The words were simply meant to elaborate part of an engineering discussion about restarting a secondary process, but they prompted Augustin to start trying to change Twitter’s use of words with racist connections. Augustin was used to seeing the term “slave” in technical contexts. “But with ‘rekick’ — I was madder than I ever thought I’d be in the workplace,” he said.

In programming terminology, “master” refers to the main version of code that controls the “slaves,” or replicas. “Blacklist” is used to describe items that are automatically denied, typically forbidden websites.

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Related efforts are occurring at Microsoft’s Github and LinkedIn divisions, Apple, and Google’s Chrome, often as bottom-up changes rather than official positions. Delusional left-led companies continue to pander to the emotions of their users and believe this replacing and removal of words and phrases will drive real change in hopes “to improve diversity and inclusion.”

(Photo/Screenshot of Twitter Profile)

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Twitter has gone so far to appease blacks and transgender individuals that they have plastered their Twitter profile with #BlackTransLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter with a blacked-out twitter logo and header…

Generational business and corporations are being highly criticized and forced to rename and rebrand their brands “to avoid racial stereotyping.” At the same time, social media platforms are also under pressure “to tackle hate posts”…MORE LIKE CENSORSHIP! The censorship and targeting of conservative users and websites have reached an all-time high. With so-called fact-checkers abusing their position to limit viewership of conservative stories and posts, the leftist media has confirmed its hypocrisy of “diversity and inclusion.”

This may be a good time to remind the leftist media that “diversity and inclusion” includes conservatives and republicans too! #ConservativeWordsMatter

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