Twitter pinned a notice on their trending topics the last few days that is misleading to the readers. While the so-called fact-checkers focus on nitpicking, THIS is a huge omission by the media and a twist in the fact-checking attempts by biased organizations.

NBC News and reported that Joe Biden did not use the term ‘super predator,’ but left out the most important FACT. The fact is that Joe Biden DID use the term ‘PREDATORS’…WHAT THESE NEWS SOURCES LEFT OUT IS MORE IMPORTANT!

This trending topic stayed on Twitter’s news feed for two days. Millions of people saw it. Do these millions of people now think that Biden never used the term ‘predators’? Our previous report with video of Joe Biden using the term ‘predators’…

Predators vs. Super Predators – Does it REALLY matter?
The video below brings back memories of Hillary Clinton’s comment about “super predators” during a speech (video below) about the 1994 Crime Bill during the Clinton administration.

Biden goes on a rant about how “they haven’t been socialized, and they will become predators.”  Who is “they”?

Trending: Joe Biden in TX: “I want to thank Representatives ‘Shirley’ Jackson Lee...Lizzie Pinnela, uh, excuse me, uh, Pinell,  and uh, what am I doing here?” [VIDEO]

Christian Lamar tweeted out the video with the comment below:

Joe, we won’t FORGET your words, “ they haven’t been socialized, they will become the predators. “ Who’s they, Biden? Black Men? You’re on a RAMPAGE of LIES, don’t u need to look in the mirror for the 1994 Clinton Crime Bill? $9.7 billion that HURT all Americans, including blacks.

Hillary Clinton spoke of “super predators” using the same descriptions…

It’s almost like Biden and Hillary spoke from the same script using the code word “predators.”

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