Over the weekend, a group of people attacked two female 7-Eleven employees after they refused to sell a cigar to an underage customer. The incident was captured on surveillance footage and has since been released to the public.

On Saturday night, a girl tried to purchase a cigar at a 7-Eleven in Mesquite, Texas but was denied by one of the clerks because she was under 21.

The upset customer left, returning with a group of at least eight people who began to attack the two female employees, hitting them and throwing snacks from the shelves at them.

Some of the attackers even climbed over the counters to attack the clerks.

The suspects have not yet been apprehended by law enforcement. Police have announced that a vehicle of interest is a silver Dodge SUV, which authorities believe was a vehicle used by several of the suspects.

On Monday, Lieutenant Brandon Ricketts of the Mesquite Police Department commented on the case, saying, “This was absolutely a senseless act of violence.”

“That young lady [after being denied the cigar] said, ‘Well I’m going to get my friends and come back.’ And that’s what she did,” Ricketts said.

Recounting the attack to NBC 5 Dallas-Forth Worth, Ricketts said that both employees were punched in the face several times during the attack.

“Two males jump the counter and begin assaulting the clerk,” said Ricketts. “Another clerk sees this, she tries to intervene, another female clerk, and then she also gets assaulted.”

The employees both sustained minor injuries including busted lips. Fortunately, neither of the victims had to be hospitalized.

The surveillance footage has since gone viral on social media.


Ricketts has used this incident to issue a warning to parents to be aware of who their children are spending time with.

“Know who they’re hanging around with, know what they’re up to, because it’s hard for me to believe that any of them on their own would’ve done something like this,” said Ricketts.

“But you start hanging around the wrong crowd, you start doing things that you normally wouldn’t do – next thing you know you have a criminal history that follows you around the rest of your life.”

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