Last year, a video went viral of two female Arizona State University students harassing two White male students studying at the campus multicultural center. Following this incident, the two females were charged with an Arizona Board of Regents code of conduct violation. These students are back now with a bizarre new video, claiming the school was openly discriminating against them for not being White and persecuting them for trying to stand up to racism.

For some background on what took place in September 2021: Two White male students at ASU were studying in the multicultural center when they were aggressively approached by two females who were angry because one male was wearing a shirt that said “Did Not Vote For Biden”, and the other had a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on his computer.

The clip (below) starts off with one of the female students telling the male to leave the center because of his computer sticker. She then accused the pair of making the space “uncomfortable”, to which the other male student wearing the anti-Biden t-shirt said, “You’re making me uncomfortable.”

“But you’re White!” yelled one of the female students, suggesting that his feelings of discomfort did not matter, but hers did.”Do you understand what a multicultural space means?” continued the female, “It means you’re not being centered!”

“White’s not a culture?” asked one of the male students, to which the female videotaping angrily replied, “No, it’s not a culture! White is not a culture.”


The female then said to the camera, “This is the violence that ASU does, and this is the type of the people that they protect. Okay? This White man thinks he can take up our space… they think they can get away with this sh**.”

“I’m not racist, I’m just studying,” said the male with the pro-police sticker.

This nonsense went on for a while, with the female videotaping aggressively telling the male students how racist they were being. Ultimately, the school reviewed this incident and determined the two females were guilty of interfering with university activities. ASU gave the girls a warning and made them write an essay on how to approach discussions of race in a “civil” and “respectful” manner.

On December 29, these two female students released a rather obnoxious video, claiming their school discriminated against them in the investigation. In the video, they claimed that “hateful and racism symbology invaded” their multicultural center, making it an unsafe space. In a hilarious attempt to prove her point, the student lists the “offensive” items that sparked the issue: a ‘Police Lives Matter’ sticker, a Bass Pro hat, a Chik-fil-a cup, and an anti-Biden t-shirt.

Wow. So violent.

It’s crazy to think that someone could view the expression of personal political beliefs as “violence” against them. Not to mention the strange inclusion of the Bass Pro hat and Chik-fil-a cup… Seems like these two are triggered by just about anything that could possibly be associated with Whiteness, Conservativism, Catholicism, or masculinity. These girls won’t make it very far in the real world if this small incident sends them into such a frenzy of anger.

In the video, the girls refer to one of the male students as “the White man”, showing how racially centered they are. One of the girls then goes on to complain that, although they tried to call ASU for “help”, no one came (shocker), so they were forced to confront the men themselves.

The full video goes on for almost 10 minutes and continues to be just as ridiculous.

“Dear White People, A.K.A. ASU,” the girls yell at the camera together. “You openly discriminated against us on November 16 when you handed down your decision from your racially-biased investigation. We’re being persecuted for defending our multicultural center from racism and sexism.”

These girls are going to go their whole lives believing that anyone who disagrees with them or reprimands them for inappropriate behavior is being racist and violent. It can’t be easy living in a world where you believe everyone different than you is inherently your enemy.

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