As a result of the worsening baby formula shortage throughout the United States, two children in Memphis have been hospitalized after requiring IV fluids and nutritional support when their parents were unable to find them proper formula.

The two children, both from different families, suffer from short-bowel syndrome, a condition that doesn’t allow them to fully absorb nutrients in their food. They both required a specific formula that was among the many recalled by Abbott Laboratories.

Both children were rushed to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital when they weren’t able to obtain the essential nutrients. Mark Corkins, the Pediatric Gastroenterologist at Le Bonheur, reported that the children were hooked up to IVs to receive fluids and nutritional support after “not adapting well to the new formula type.”

“These are young children who have health conditions and special medical needs that [require] specific dietary requirements,” said Corkins in a statement obtained by Daily Mail. “[Hospital staff are] making multiple substitutions throughout a child’s care to ensure that their nutritional needs are met.”

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Mothers across the nation have been facing a growing shortage in baby formula, which has now reached a level of crisis that is forcing parents to feed their babies over-priced formula that could make them sick. As desperate parents beg for political action to be taken, it has been reported that our government has been sending baby formula to the border for illegal immigrants in Joe Biden’s typical “America last” style.

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While the government makes sure we are properly caring for citizens of another country, they neglect the US citizens who are struggling to care for their children amidst a growing crisis.

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