This story will fade quickly to back page news in the mainstream media. Two black officers supposedly physically abused a 16 year old black boy. Yawn…  

If these police officers were white…you’d be seeing this story ad nauseum until those officers lives were threatened, they lost their jobs and were behind bars. Black Lives Matter terrorists and Obama’s Race War Czar, Al Sharpton wouldn’t be satisfied until a city was burned to the ground, the entire police force was called out for being “racists” and someone (preferably a white person) in the police department was fired for not preventing this from happening. 

AP– Two officers who police Baltimore’s public schools walked out of jail Wednesday pending trial for assault and misconduct after their violent confrontation with a student was recorded by another teenager.

Both have checkered records, prompting parents and authorities alike to question whether enough is being done to prevent violent people from being hired to keep schoolchildren peaceful and safe.

Here’s the assault caught on tape:

Police said Wednesday that Saverna Bias allegedly told her fellow officer, Anthony Spence, to use force against the teen.

Officer Saverna Bias
Officer Saverna Bias

According to a witness, she said, “You need to smack him because he’s got too much mouth,” police said. The video shows Spence shouting profanities as he repeatedly slaps and kicks the boy, telling him to leave the school and go home.

Officer Anthony Spence
Officer Anthony Spence

Spence was not trying to arrest the 10th grader, neither was he acting in reasonable self-defense, city police said.

In the cellphone video, Spence is heard shouting while he repeatedly slaps the 16-year-old student and kicks him at REACH Partnership School, while Bias looks on.

Spence’s attorney Mike Davey told the Baltimore Sun on Thursday that his client believed the 16-year-old and his friend was trespassing on school grounds. Both said they were students at REACH, but Davey said they were not wearing uniforms and could not provide the principal’s name when questioned.

The 16-year-old was later confirmed as a student at REACH, his attorney told the newspaper. –Buzzfeed

At a packed school board meeting Tuesday night, some parents and principals implored officials to keep officers in the schools for everyone’s safety. Students and their advocates countered that having armed police with insufficient oversight in schools can be damaging and dangerous.

Tim Martin, an administrator at the New Hope Academy, said he understands the frustration, but believes most officers show enough patience to “therapeutically de-escalate students in crisis and help school personnel maintain a safe school environment.”

Spence, 44, and Bias, 53, turned themselves in Tuesday night and were released on bond on charges of second-degree assault and misconduct in office. Spence also is charged with second-degree child abuse. Both officers have been suspended, and Spence is being denied pay, since he faces a felony.


Baltimore School Police Chief Marshall Goodwin, whose department is separate from the city’s police force, also went on leave, for “personal reasons,” as the video began circulating a day after the March 1 confrontation. A week later, as city police and prosecutors continue investigating, Baltimore City Schools CEO Gregory Thornton has refused to explain his absence.

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