Two conservative black women posted compelling videos, as a way to refute the Democrat Party’s false narrative that President Trump is a “racist.”

The first video is a powerful message from a conservative black woman who says, “Every inner-city basically is a ghetto, simply because the money has been stolen. So, this is why they didn’t want Donald Trump as President. Because see, he’s been saying this stuff for years. He didn’t just start saying this stuff when he became president. You can go back 20 years and hear him saying the same thing.”

She continued with her rant saying, “I remember him saying back when we was going to war with Iraq, all the money that we spent on these wars, we could’ve rebuilt every infrastructure in the inner cities. Now listen, this is a white man who’s supposedly a racist who’s had his eye and his attention on the inner cities, all these years. The one that now, they’re calling him a racist. But he was the only one. Because he saw what was going on. And that’s why he’s calling them out now. And this why it’s very dangerous right now, for him. Because even Obama jumped in and made a comment.”

She continued, slamming Obama, “Obama, who was a black President, the very first black President, for eight years, he didn’t do anything—for anybody. And then you’ve got these black representatives in all these districts, and it’s still messed up.”


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Grab a tissue…

MAN SURPRISES MOM After Trump’s First-Step Gives Him Second Chance At Life

Black conservative Tisha Mosley posted a heartwarming video of a former prisoner who qualified for release under President Trump’s First Step Act. Along with the touching video, Tisha tweeted:

how can a man (@realDonaldTrump) provide this type of moment to a family and be considered by the scarecrows of america as a racist? the day OZ gives them all their own brains, maybe they will repent.


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