Two JetBlue airplanes collided in a de-icing area of Boston Logan International Airport while passengers were on board.

According to reports, the planes made contact when the wingtip of one touched the tail of the other.

A JetBlue spokesperson said both planes were removed from service for repairs.

Travelers on the flights, one heading to Las Vegas and the other going to Orlando, had their plans thrown into chaos.

NBC Boston reports:

“JetBlue flight 777 to Las Vegas and JetBlue flight 551 to Orlando will operate on other aircraft,” wrote the spokesperson. “Safety is JetBlue’s priority, and we will work to determine how and why this incident occurred.”


“Just a little after 6:30, there was a loud jolt,” said Ryan Bates, who was a passenger on the plane headed to Las Vegas. “We had been told we were going to go de-ice the plane prior to takeoff.”

Bates said his window shade was down, so he didn’t see the planes touch but heard some passengers scream after the incident.

“I thought maybe we had gone past the runway or something like that,” said Bates, who’s from North Andover, Massachusetts. “I opened my window shade and saw that we were really close to the other plane. We kept inching forward a little bit further.”

Bates said an announcement wasn’t made immediately, so passengers were left trying to figure out what was happening.

“One plane was left with damage to its wing, while the other aircraft’s tail section was wrecked,” Daily Mail wrote.

“Debris was scattered on the runway and both jets were taken out of service,” the outlet added.

More from Daily Mail:

The incident on Thursday occurred after the planes pulled away from the gate around 6.40am. The FAA confirmed that one of the plane’s ‘left winglet’ struck the ‘right horizontal stabilizer’ of the other passenger jet.

One aircraft was headed to Las Vegas, while the other was on its way to Orlando.

The ordeal happened while the Florida-bound JetBlue Flight 551 was on the deicing pad and the Nevada-bound jet entered an adjacent deicing lane, the airline said.

There were no reported injuries from customers or crewmembers.

The Federal Aviation Administration: ‘JetBlue Flight 777, an Airbus A321neo’s left winglet struck the right horizontal stabilizer of JetBlue Flight 551, an Airbus A321, around 6:40 a.m., local time on Thursday, February 8, while on the deicing pad at Boston Logan International Airport.’

The administration confirmed that they are investigating the crash.

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