A vaccination site in Colorado was shut down on Wednesday after 11 people began experiencing negative side effects from a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Their symptoms included nausea and dizziness, and two of the affected individuals were put under hospital surveillance in order to closely monitor their condition and the progression of symptoms.

While only 11 out of the approximately 1,700 people who were vaccinated at this site experienced these immediate side effects, the site was still shut down to err on the side of caution. Those who were scheduled to get the J&J vaccine prior to the site’s closure will be rescheduled to get the Pfizer vaccine instead.

The same situation occurred one day later at a vaccination site in North Carolina. This time 18 people were reported to experience the unusual reactions, and four were taken to the hospital to be kept under surveillance. The administration of Johnson & Johnson vaccines is being paused right now in the North Carolina county where the site is located until researchers can gather more information regarding the side effects.

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