Two brave Democrats voted against Nancy Pelosi’s push to move forward with an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

These two men agree that the process is “hopelessly partisan.”

One was Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson, who chairs the Agriculture committee and comes from a rural district. Peterson released a statement today:

‘This impeachment process continues to be hopelessly partisan. I have been hearing from my constituents on both sides of this matter for months, and the escalation of calls this past week just shows me how divided our country really is right now.’ 

Another was Jeff Van Drew, who represents southern New Jersey. He also released a statement saying the impeachment will divide the country and will fail in the Senate:
‘Without bipartisan support, I believe this inquiry will further divide the country tearing it apart at the seams and will ultimately fail in the Senate.’

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Van Drew continued:

‘However, now that the vote has taken place and we are moving forward I will be making a judgment call based on all the evidence presented by these investigations. My hope is that we are still able to get some work done to help the American people like infrastructure, veterans’ benefits, environmental protection, immigration reform, reducing prescription drug cost, and strengthening Social Security.’

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