I guess I need to make one small correction to that headline…

Whoopi Goldberg is indeed “Far-Left”.

Bill Maher is not, I do not believe.

I believe he’s a Democrat but more of a 1960’s JFK-Democrat.

You know the kind….

The kind that the Looney Far-Left world led by Ilhan Omar and her ilk claim is not radical enough.

And indeed Bill Maher is not a radical.

In fact, it’s almost felt like he’s red-pilling a bit in recent years.

No, I don’t think he’s on pace to vote Trump in November, but he’s much more of a clear-thinking centrist than someone like Whoopi Goldberg.

But still, both Goldberg and Maher just came forward with a strong defense of free speech.

It all arose over the topic of Harrison Butker, the Kicker for the Chiefs who dared to give a commencement speech at a staunchly catholic school where he dared to praise motherhood and affirmed his Catholic faith.

To quote Bill Maher in response: “I don’t see what the big crime is!”

There is no big crime, of course.

And that became painfully obvious when even Whoopi Goldberg offered up the same opinion, telling the Far-Left crowd that Butker should be allowed to speak and have his opinions.

You can watch the speech in question right here:

And now you can watch Bill Maher’s actually level-headed, clear-thinking response here (minus the one TDS flare-up):

And watch Whoopi here:

Backup here:

Of course Bill still managed to have a random “Trump Derangement Syndrome” rant during this otherwise lucid take…

And Whoopi still has to bash Christians along the way…

And it’s somewhat discouraging that a rare moment where these people actually defend the Free Speech values enshrined in our First Amendment is somehow not only newsworthy but actually a shocking moment!

That’s how far our country has fallen.

But it has, and I’ll take the wins where I can find them.

And this is a win.

If only these two could keep going and emerge from the Far-Left muck and mire, they might start to regain some clear thinking.

I’m not holding my breath, but this was a good first step.

I’ll say one thing in closing….it doesn’t surprise me that the Comedians are the first on the Far-Left to wake up and try to get out of this Cancel Culture crap.

Hatred and censorship are the death knells to comedy, and I think the Comedians are among the first on the Left to (finally) realize that and fight back a bit.

People like Colbert are probably too far gone, but Maher and others still have a chance to reclaim their humanity.

That’s not just my opinion, that’s what Jerry Seinfeld has been saying recently as well:

Jerry Seinfeld Shuts Down a “White Guilt” Reporter

“Woke” is kryptonite to comedy.

And Jerry Seinfeld knows it.

Seinfeld famously places comedy above almost everything…

If it’s funny, it’s in.

If it’s not funny, it’s out.

The only thing that matters is if the audience laughs.  If they don’t laugh, it’s not funny and Jerry’s not interested in it.

It’s an almost religious devotion to finding and producing comedy that has driven him his whole life, and it’s one reason (in addition to Larry David) that his sitcom is widely considered to be the best of all time.

Because they obsessed about making every moment funny…and nothing else.

No lessons learned at the end of the episode…

No boring scenes to set up another scene…

Every bit was either funny or it got cut!

And that means there’s zero tolerance for things like Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

Comedy doesn’t respect DEI.

You’re either funny or you’re not, and it doesn’t matter what your skin color is on either side of that equation.

Babu (you’re a very bad man, Jerry, a very bad man!) was funny.  He was Indian and he was funny.

The Soup Nazi was funny and he was Iranian or something, who even knows.

Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer were all white….and guess what?  They were funny!

So Jerry was not amused when a Woke Buzzfeed reporter tried to ask him about the lack of diversity on Seinfeld:

And that my friends is exactly how you do it!

Bravo Jerry!

Backup here if needed:

Jerry is getting almost universal praise for dismantling that reporter and I agree 100%:

This whole interview reminds me of something I posted recently, and I think Jerry would appreciate it:

A Call For Comedy! [From NOAH]

This is going to be a little different of an article from what I normally post, but I think it’s needed right now…

…and I think you’re going to like it.

Simply put, it’s a call for comedy.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s almost NO new comedy anymore.

Stand-up comedians are about the last we have, and that would be stand-ups in clubs or doing specials.

But put them on TV or in movies and it all turns to crap.


Because they go woke.

Everything woke turns to shit, and that’s what’s happened with comedy.

It’s been virtually destroyed.

This is an opinion I’ve been working on for a while now, but then I came across this video I’m going to show you below and this man perfectly articulated everything I’ve been feeling and haven’t quite been able to put my finger exactly on it.

But he does.

You might think: Noah, who cares?

But comedy is a powerful sword….

Laughter is the best medicine when sick, but comedy and satire are also some of the best swords against tyranny and tyrannical governments.

And when that sword has been dulled or even completely lost, it’s a very bad thing.

I was just saying the other day to someone: “tell me the last truly funny movie that was released in theaters.”

She couldn’t name one.

You literally have to go back at least a decade, maybe longer.

Then I said: “tell me the last truly funny TV show you have watched…”

Again, there’s virtually nothing!

As the man says below in the video I’m about to show you, you do have South Park but they can’t do it alone.

You also have Seth McFarlane who has pretty successfully also pushed back against woke.

But who else?

Hollywood is bankrupt of new ideas.

And that’s not just some cranky old guy saying “things were better in my day”.

Sorry folks, it’s a demonstrable, observable fact.

Hollywood can’t seem to make anything new.

Everything is a reboot.

And the reboots all suck.

Take Frasier.

The original series is easily in the Top 3 sitcoms of all time.

Absolutely brilliant actors surpassed only by more brilliant writing.

The episodes were masterpieces.


Even the Frasier reboot is just “ok”.

It’s almost like it’s written by fans who know the building blocks of what made Frasier funny, but they don’t have the skill in writing or casting to actually DO it.

Hollywood has forgotten how to actually DO funny!


Because they are more concerned with social justice and ESG and all this other crap that is quite literally DESTROYING creativity and humor!

I could go on all day with examples….

Leno and Letterman?

Genuinely funny!

Late Night now?

It’s not watchable.

It’s not even comedy, it’s mostly still hateful and mercilessly unfunny attacks on Donald Trump even though he’s been out of office for 3 years now!

Even moving off comedy to drama, tell me the last truly great action or dramatic movie you saw in the movie theaters?

I can’t think of one without going back to the early 2000s or 1990s.

Instead we just get gross out, unfunny “Seth Rogan” movies.

I know someone in the comments will say “you just don’t get it” …. and you’d be right!

I don’t get it.

Those movies are not funny.

They don’t know how to structure a funny joke, let alone a funny scene.

They’ve replaced COMEDY with the crutches of gross out jokes and bad language.

Credit to Jerry Seinfeld who has a true love for the art of comedy.

He has famously said many times that he realized early on he could get a cheap laugh by throwing in the F-word into a joke, but the joke wasn’t as good.

He said he hated that as a comedian, and while he hasn’t made some pledge to be a 100% clean comedian, he eliminated most of it from his act because it cheapened his work.

Seth Rogan and his ilk today never learned that lesson.

They’re lazy and they’ll take the cheap “gross out” laugh thinking that somehow substitutes for comedy….

It doesn’t.

So that’s my opinion, but honestly the guy in this video I’m about to show you articulated it better than I can.

Which is why I want to share his video with you now.

It’s time for a return of comedy!

It’s time for a return of creativity!

It’s time to cleanse Hollywood of the woke ESG libtards and allow FUNNY to come back!

Be liberal, that’s fine.

Just don’t go woke.

It has ruined you, Hollywood.

Very said.

Watch this:

And since I’m talking about comedy, you know I will take any excuse I can to show you Norm Macdonald videos.

Losing Norm was another blow to comedy.

Norm was definitely in the “Trey and Matt” category….a Maverick who bowed the knee only to COMEDY, not to Wokeism.

A true legend.

Here are some favorites….

The Moth Joke:

Professor of Logic:


The infamous Courtney Thorne-Smith interview:

The infamous David Spade / Dennis Miller Live chat:

And perhaps the gold standard:

We would later learn that this was both Norm saying goodbye to Dave but I believe also to all of us a bit early….

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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