Americans watch in horror, as ISIS systematically destroys any signs of Christianity in the Middle East. Meanwhile in America, the Left is doing the very same thing but in a much more inconspicuous way. They’ve made every effort to remove Christianity from the public’s view. They’ve removed Christianity from school organizations, public places, and now, in the marketing of products specifically related to religious holidays for the Christian consumer…

isis defacing church

Cadbury was inundated with furious comments from customers on Twitter, questioning why the Easter treats simply said ‘milk chocolate egg’ with no mention of the Christian festival.

cadbury tweets
One said: ‘Some of us want to know why Easter is hidden on the back now? Why change a good thing??’ while another commented: ‘Disgusting you’ve dropped the word ‘EASTER’.

Cadbury sent endless replies to irate shoppers denying claims that they have a policy to remove the Easter slogan on packaging.

They wrote on their Twitter: ‘Easter’s on the back of our packaging with the other product details.

Both Cadbury and Nestle denied that they were getting rid of the word ‘Easter’ from their products.

cadbury response
The word ‘Easter’ is not included on the front of the packaging for their Mini Eggs Giant Egg or their Dairy Milk Buttons Egg, but ‘Happy Easter’ is branded on a special edition of the Dairy Milk chocolate bar.

‘It’s not on the front as the seasonal design shows what it is.
‘As a seasonal treat the eggs will always be linked with Easter.’
However customers remained unconvinced, accusing the company of ‘hiding’ any mention of Easter on the back.

Both Cadbury and Nestle denied that they were getting rid of the word ‘Easter’ from their products. Via: Daily Mail



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