In an interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation, two immigrants from Venezuela – one who entered legally and one who entered illegally – revealed the inhumanity behind Biden’s border policies and the dangers of the lax entry requirements in place.

While the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insists that the Biden regime is helping migrants come into the U.S. through “humane pathways,” the two immigrants who spoke with the Daily Caller, Elio and Bleisker, say otherwise.

Bleisker (left) and Elio (right)

Elio entered the U.S. legally in 2018 – when he was just 15 – under the Trump administration, with the expectation that he wouldn’t be welcomed into the country by the current president. While the Left railed against Trump for being “racist” and “xenophobic,” Elio reveals that this wasn’t his reality at all.

“Coming here and all you hear from everyone is that Trump was bad towards immigrants, it was an absolute lie. And I’m not saying this in a bias position, I’m saying this because I lived both administrations,” said Elio.

Elio expressed his thoughts on the immigration policies under Trump vs under Biden, revealing his opinion that Biden’s policies can open up the U.S. to dangerous people. He said,

“I think the current policies, they can benefit people like Bleisker, he’s a young person and I believe has very good intentions in coming here, but it could also benefit someone completely different. It can benefit a criminal.”

Bleisker chimed in, adding that “they don’t have any documents to tell if they’re criminals or not” at the border.

Elio then encouraged everyone to do their own research about the real immigration policies in place and to have conversations with people who actually migrated to learn their perspectives instead of making up how an entire population of individuals feels.

The 19-year-old currently works as a nurse’s assistant and a translator in the Houston area.

Now, he is helping to support Bleisker, a fellow Venezuelan who he grew up with. Elio translated for Bleisker during the interview and shared the differences between their immigration experiences.

Bleisker arrived in the United States just 6 days before the interview and since he entered illegally, he doesn’t yet have a social security number or work permit.

Bleisker is currently dealing with trauma from being in danger in his home country, and his long, treacherous solo trip to the U.S. during which he faced many hardships.

Elio said that he was able to obtain a travel visa in Venezuela and, after flying to the U.S. was able to apply for asylum. Bleisker, however, was not granted the same opportunities. He was forced to enter the U.S. illegally and his asylum case is currently pending.

“At some point, so many people were leaving the country that they made it impossible to get a passport,” explained Elio.


On top of the already-overwhelming barriers for hopeful immigrants to overcome, the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela was closed in March 2019, making it nearly impossible for Venezuelans to enter the U.S. legally.

Because his family did not have the financial resources to obtain the proper documents to enter the county legally, Bleisker was forced to travel through multiple countries to reach the United States.

In a final message to the viewers, Bleisker implores people entering the U.S. to “preserve the place, follow the law, and do things right.”


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