Four Americans were caught between dueling gangs on March 3rd. Latvia Tay McGee, her cousin Shared Woodard, and their friends Zindell Brown and Eric Williams were traveling south so McGee could get a discounted Tummy Tuck in Mexico. Apparently, the four were kidnapped, and local authorities are investigating if the infamous ‘Gulf Cartel’ is responsible.
Tamaulipas State Attorney General’s Office issued an update on the four, saying,

‘Unfortunately, two are dead. Investigation and intelligence work continue to capture those responsible. Details will be given later. Following your joint work instructions, we have not stopped paying attention to this problem since Friday, and approximately an hour ago today, we were notified that there were indications of having seen the four American citizens, and 35 minutes ago, it was fully confirmed by the prosecutor. Of the four, two of them are deceased, one person is injured, and the other is alive. The ambulances and the rest of the security personnel are on their way to give corresponding support for [their] transfer and [any] medical support that can be [given].’ 

According to a sister of one of the kidnapped, the four friends were traveling from South Carolina to the border town of Matamoros for McGee’s tummy tuck when they got caught in the crossfire of a gunfight on Friday. Details of the murders remain unclear at this time, and it is still unknown which of the four was murdered. However, pictures from an ambulance show McGee and a man are still alive.

Six states are currently under travel warnings. Matamoros is in the state of Tamaulipas, which is among the six. 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green tweeted a map showing the many travel warnings spread across Mexico and said, “Mexican Cartels kidnapped 4 Americans this weekend, and Mexico is so DANGEROUS that if you go to Mexico “you are on your own!” But but but…Ukraine!



The Biden administration’s failure to keep America’s borders secure has helped destabilize border cities. Yet Biden has continued sending taxpayer dollars to Ukraine, conveying loudly to Americans that Democrats and establishment Republicans have no interest in the wellbeing of its citizenry.
DC Draino tweeted footage of the incident, “Alleged video footage of the 4 Americans being dragged in the street by Mexican cartel members and kidnapped. Why anybody still travels to Mexico is beyond me. Unless they kneeled during the Nat’l Anthem, Joe Biden wouldn’t care about saving them.”


Previous Attorney General Bill Barr said the U.S. should treat the cartels as terrorist organizations the same way they do ISIS in negotiating for American citizens’ release; he noted,
“The Mexican government is being held hostage by tens of thousands of paramilitary members of terrorist organizations that effectively control Mexico. It’s pretty close at this stage to a failed narco-state. They can use violence and oceans of cash to corrupt the government. The government has no will, and it doesn’t have the ability to deal with the cartels.”
Unfortunately, it appears the American government also has no will or ability to deal with the disastrous border issues spawning violent attacks like these against Americans. Until the Cartels are contained and the border dealt with, Americans can expect the violence to spread throughout the country.

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