There have been “family-friendly” drag events popping up all over the country where men in skimpy outfits and fake breasts dance around sexually in front of toddlers for money and call it “diversity and inclusion.”

Adding to the list of horribly inappropriate drag events, a bar in Plano, Texas hosted an “all ages” drag brunch where scantily-clad drag queens danced around like strippers, one of whom was dressed as a dominatrix with a whip.

Another drag queen lifted up his skirt to reveal his underwear while dancing to an explicit song that said, “My p*ssy good, p*ssy sweet. P*ssy good enough to eat… f*ck me all night.”

Meanwhile, there was at least one small child in the audience, who is seen in the background of Gonzalez’s video. The poor girl was brought to the event by parents with questionable, and frankly shocking, decision-making abilities.


A video of this disturbing event was recorded by political activist Sara Gonzalez, who later went on Fox News and told host Tucker Carlson that they also handed out “sex toys as prizes” at the brunch.


“This is the sexual abuse of children,” Gonzalez said. “The left has become so radicalized that they are trying to normalize this and excuse it.”

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