Jeff Younger, a Texas father, has been trying for years to save his 9-year-old young son, James, from his ex-wife, who began trying to transition him when he was just two years old. Now, the ex-wife has moved their two children to California, where the father fears she will chemically castrate James.

Younger and his ex-wife Anne Georgulas have been fighting over custody of their twin sons for years now after Younger began expressing concern that Georgulas was pushing one of them to transition to a female. At the age of nine, James now goes by “Luna” and identifies as a transgender female.

Younger contends that his son acts like a male when around him.

Jeff Younger’s son with him vs. with his ex-wife

In August 2021, full custody was granted to Georgulas. However, in October 2021, a court order ruled that “neither parent may treat a child with hormonal suppression therapy, puberty blockers, and/or transgender reassignment surgery (if any) without the consent of the parents or court order.”

Now, Georgulas has moved to California with their sons, where Senate Bill 107 just took effect, which “provides refuge for trans kids and their families,” allowing them to access hormones and puberty blockers to carry out a gender transition at a young age.

This California bill also “prohibits the enforcement of an order based on another state’s law authorizing a child to be removed from their parent or guardian based on that parent or guardian allowing their child to receive gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care.”

This move has caused Younger to fear that his ex-wife plans to chemically castrate their son through the use of chemicals or drugs to stop sex hormone production.

Jeff Younger

Younger petitioned the state supreme court to order Georgulas to return their children to Texas before this new law came into effect on New Year’s Day. However, on New Year’s Eve, the Texas Supreme Court dismissed the petition, saying, “This Court cannot intervene based on tenuous speculation about what other courts might do in the future at the request of a party who may never ask.”

“The only court to have acted so far has preserved Father’s right to withhold consent to gender-transition therapy for his son,” the court ruling continued. “That right is enforceable in California, where Mother lacks the legal authority to consent to such therapy for the child, both before and after SB 107.”

After this court ruling, Younger appeared on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight where he expressed the concerns he has about his son’s well-being and shared a video of his son claiming that his mother told him he was a girl because he “loves girls.”

Younger told Carlson that, after realizing that Georgulas was grooming their son to transition, his “blood ran cold.”

“She started transitioning him when he was two,” Younger told Carlson. “She tried to enroll him in a gender clinic when he was five – the Genesis Clinic in Dallas, Texas. Pediatrician records show that she intended to chemically castrate him at age eight or nine, his current age.”

“And then he magically moves to California? I don’t think this is an accident,” Younger said.

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