In an invigorating display of patriotism, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has pledged to ‘build border barriers‘ along Texas’ southern international border with Mexico. This comes in the aftermath of the Biden regime suspending funding for President Trump’s border security project. This news comes at the same time border crossings on America’s southern flank has reached two-decade highs.

During his first month in power, Biden and his regime put a pause on construction of a border wall that was initiated under President Trump. This resulted in intense criticism towards the Biden regime on part of the more courageous members of the Republican Congressional leadership.

The good Governor made the auspicious announcement to continue President Trump’s patriotic legacy during the ‘Border Security Summit’  in Del Rio. Governor Abbott also said that discussion of the finer details of the plan will be carried out next week. Governor Abbott reiterated his sentiments in an interview with Fox News and called the actions of the Biden regime a ‘willful, wanton disregard for the laws’. He also plans to increase penalties levied on illegal trespassers in an effort to deter such flagrant violations of American sovereignty as much as possible.

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In the unofficial race to become the country’s most patriotic Governor, Abbott seems to be giving Florida’s Ron DeSantis and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem a run for their money.

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