A Texas mom and schoolteacher who “quarantined” her 13-year-old son in the trunk of her vehicle has been arrested.

41-yr-old Sarah Beam, a teacher at Cypress High School teacher was at a drive-thru COVID testing facility when a worker at the facility was gathering her information for the test when she heard something inside the woman’s trunk. When the trunk was opened, Beam’s son was discovered lying down inside the trunk. When Beam was asked about why he was in the trunk, she explained that she was “quarantining” him in the trunk to “prevent her from being exposed COVID.”

The COVID facility worker refused to give the woman a COVID test until she placed her son back inside the vehicle. Once the son was safely inside the car, the witness called the police.


According to Click2Houston, the mother has been charged with endangering a child, according to Cy-Fair ISD Police Department, who said a warrant had been issued for her arrest.

According to Cy-Fair ISD, Beam most recently worked as a teacher at Cypress Falls High School and has been employed by the district since 2011. She is now on administrative leave.

While this story is heartbreaking, and many people will call into question this woman’s incredible ignorance for placing her child in the trunk of her car, the truth is that fear is an incredibly destructive force, and it’s taking a tremendous toll on formerly sane members of our society.

Unfortunately, we have a dishonest media pushing out statements by clowns like Dr. Fauci and  Joe Biden, who recently warned of a “Winter of severe illness and death” while pushing for vaccinations. Family members and friends are being ex-communicated over their decision not to accept a COVID jab. Is it any wonder that people are losing their collective minds? We can’t give up our faith that God has this under control, as the manufactured Chinese virus appears to be tailing off with the weakened Omicron variant that has no regard for vaccination status but could provide the solution (finally) to herd immunity.


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