Wow….just wow! This is a great article for anyone whose  child is a LEGAL American citizen and got a 4.0 or greater in high school and was rejected by Yale University. 

A Texas high school valedictorian has revealed she is an illegal immigrant in her graduation speech.

Larissa Martinez told classmates at McKinney Boyd High School that she was one of the 11million undocumented citizens living in the United States after she fled her abusive and alcoholic father in Mexico.

The 18-year-old, who has been offered a full scholarship to Yale, said she decided against giving her classmates the ‘traditional Hallmark version’ of the speech and instead opted for the truth.
The teenager told the crowd of thousands: ‘Immigrants, undocumented or otherwise, are people too’.

‘We are here without documentation because the US immigration system is broken and forces many families to live in fear.’
She also used the speech to slam Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall based on ‘hate and prejudice’.

Martinez paid tribute to her friends and her mother during the emotional speech, adding that it had taken her years to drum up the courage to reveal her background:

‘While mothers move mountains for their children, you literally moved countries for my sister and me,’ she said.

‘I’d like to offer you a different kid of speech. One that offers expectations versus reality.
‘Many of you see me standing up here and assume my life must be pretty great and my parents must be very proud.
‘Nevertheless its important to note that these are only the half truths. Those are the expectations
‘My reality is quite different. On July 11 it will be exactly six years since I moved to McKinney from Mexico City where I was born and raised.

For entire story: Daily Mail



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