A Northern California Mayor lost his mind during a city council meeting when during public comment, a resident asked that the Mayor be investigated “to determine if he has created a hostile work environment.” He said he would like to see the Mayor’s text messages, video footage from the police department’s dash cam, and hiring criteria used by the city council to choose their city manager. He said the Mayor was making excuses for the poor job the city council was doing.

The blustering Antioch Mayor, Lamar Thorpe, was furious and challenged the local citizen to “go outside” shortly before angrily striding out of the gathering.

“You want to go outside right now? Let’s go!” Thorpe screamed. “I am sick and tired of being attacked by these people in this community apologizing for the racism that’s going on in this community. You’re the problem! You’re the problem!”

Before Thorpe left the table, the city council members on either side attempted to calm him down, placing their hands on his arm. The council members told the public, “We need to take a recess” as yelling broke out. Another council member chimed in, “Everyone needs to sit down; everyone calm down.”
Thorpe refused to answer the residents’ questions about the city council’s ability to do a good job for Antioch or address the request for transparency. He instead, in typical leftist form, said the problem was “racism.” The city is apparently in heavy conflict after the FBI somehow obtained text messages between police officers that were described as racist, according to Biz Pac Review. The texts have not been released for the general public to decide for themselves if their tax dollars are being well used to hire the right people for jobs in the community. Transparency is something the left talks about but seldom practices.
Thorpe tweeted, “My colleagues who chose not to ignore racism will continue working towards building a police department that all segments of our community can trust.”

“Family dude. Antioch Mayor. Blaxican. Millennial Public Servant. Soldier in the Political Revolution” are the ways Thorpe describes himself on his Twitter page.

Twitter users responded by calling Thorpe an embarrassment to the city and asking for him to resign. “If you can’t handle someone calling out your bull, you don’t have the mental ability to be a leader,” one user commented.

Another pointed out Thorpe’s description of himself on his Twitter page, which reads, “Family dude. Antioch Mayor. Blaxican. Millennial Public Servant. Soldier in the Political Revolution.” She wrote, “Dear racist in reverse, what “political revolution” are you a soldier in? Was it the coup de tat and color revolution you put this country through to oust President Trump in 2020? Asking for America.”

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