A ‘Gutfeld!’ panel, including Tyrus, discussed how they would handle the ongoing ‘mayhem’ in Portland, Oregon, if they were in charge. Greg Gutfeld did a great job of slamming Antifa, but Tyrus said it best when he said they need a “good old-fashioned spanking.” The overwhelming sentiment below the YouTube video is that Antifa is made up of kids who never suffered consequences and behave like they are entitled to tear up the city of Portland. One Portlander chimed in to say that it’s much worse in Portland than Gutfeld described:

“I live in Portland, and I can testify EVERYTHING Gutfeld just said about our City and our Mayor was UNDERSTATED; it’s really much WORSE than that!”

At the 10:50 point in the video below, Gutfeld asked Tyrus what he would have done about Antifa rioters if he was mayor of Portland.

Tyrus began by saying, “it would have been over at jump.” He then said he would have brought in the National Guard and gone full force on fighting back Antifa, and it would have been over like that. Tyrus continued by saying  Antifa isn’t a true political group because they have no depth. They’re like toddlers. They just want free stuff, or they’re burning you down.

Tyrus is fantastic at getting to the point. There is no BS with him.

Tyrus also recently called out ‘casual racism’ from the left against Tim Scott:

“Racism, it’s not just for white people anymore!” – Tyrus is the real deal.

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