A University of Michigan doctor endorsed sending controlled medications to trans patients across state lines… even though it’s illegal

Libs of TikTok has exposed a University of Michigan doctor who endorses an illegal controlled substance distribution network across state lines to supply trans people with medications.

The University of Michigan doctor, Daphna Stroumsa, endorses Eli Erlick’s illegal drug trafficking to trans people in states which have regulated these medications–violating both state and federal law.

University of Michigan doctor Daphna Stroumsa endorses illegally sending controlled substances across state lines in defiance of federal law

Dr. Stroumsa Tweeted: “I always send refills to any of my patients, no questions asked.” This was in response to Eli Erlick’s statement that they are “sending out prescribed testosterone, spironolactone, and estradiol to those who are now unable to get prescriptions. No questions asked.”

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Libs of TikTok and the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh alert the University of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs of this illegal activity, and the endorsement by UM staff.

In response to this, advocates of Stroumsa and Erlick have whined that the latter has allegedly received death threats due to the exposure.

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Meanwhile, Matt Walsh responds that he and his family regularly receive threats by the same type of people who actively support the criminal doctors.

Sending controlled substances across state lines to individuals without a prescription is illegal. Refusing to ask followup questions when you fill out a prescription is unethical. Erlick is committing a criminal act in sending controlled substances across state lines into states which have regulated the substances, and to individuals who do not even have a script. Stroumsa endorses this, agreeing wholeheartedly with the sentiment.

This is all on behalf of “trans individuals,” the most catered to group in the United States due to liberalism. The University of Michigan must take action against their unethical medical staff. and legal action must be taken against Erlick and the public hazard they cause through their illegal distribution network.

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