Did you see the testimony from FBI Director Comey? The two words that stand out are the words “mildly nauseous”:

FBI director James Comey said he’s “mildly nauseous” about the possibility that his announcement about reopening an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails influenced the outcome of the election —Tessa Berenson, Time (time.com), 3 May 2017

“James Comey is a danger to the country,” diGenova said. “He surrounds himself with his own cult of personality. He believes that he is the last righteous man left standing.”

When Comey held a news conference July 5, 2016 where he “accused Hillary Clinton and then exonerated her,” diGenova said, “he violated every rule and regulation of the department of justice. He should have been fired that day.”

President Donald Trump should not have kept him after his inauguration, he added.

“He should be fired for the testimony that he has given over the last few months,” diGenova added. “That July 5 news conference was the original sin. From it, everything else followed.”

In answer to Comey’s question to his critics of what they would have done differently, diGenova said, “Mr. Director, I would have done nothing, because I never would have held the July 5 news conference, which forced you to send two letters to Congress.”

Comey, as FBI director, is a cop, he said, but instead took on the role of a prosecutor, stealing the job of the Justice Department. But the Justice Department, headed then by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, was left unable to respond because of Lynch’s private meeting with Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, in Clinton’s plane at the Phoenix airport.

“The entire Department of Justice was so frightened of Jim Comey because of the way they had politically mishandled the Hillary Clinton email server investigation, that they were afraid to contradict him,” he said. “That is what you call a disaster in a government of accountability. He stole the work of the Department of Justice in a single day, and they sat there and watched it. A pox on all of their houses.”

Both sides of the aisle are angry with Comey…He’s got 7 more years with the FBI.

Should Trump fire him now or keep him for another 7 years?

Via: NewsMax

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