Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.) was captured on video berating and threatening the owner of a diner in West Palm Beach after noticing a campaign poster displayed for her potential opponent, Republican Primary candidate Deborah Adeimy.

Richard Kline, the owner of City Diner, reported that Frankel has been a customer at his diner for many years – a customer who they have very happily served.

Kline displayed a campaign poster for Deborah Adeimy in his diner, and one of the lines on the poster reads: “Retire Lois Frankel.” When Frankel saw the sign, she lost her mind.

On June 17, a customer began questioning Kline’s son, who works at the diner, about the poster. Kline predicts that the same customer went immediately to tell Frankel about the campaign poster because, shortly after this, Frankel came bursting through the door of the diner, and it was clear that she had not come there to eat.

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“Not 10 minutes later did Lois come crashing through the door,” recalled Kline. “She didn’t come to eat. Because she comes with her elderly mother when she comes to eat. It’s a whole different mindset.”

“She came in looking around with her dark sunglasses. She was looking for that picture,” the owner added. “Finally she found it and she started freaking out.”

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Kline reports being in the back of the restaurant when suddenly he heard Frankel yelling. When he came out to talk with her, his son began recording the interaction.

“I’m gonna make sure, that every, one of my clients knows exactly what you’ve been doing here,” Frankel says to Kline.

“I’m not allowed to vote for who I want?” asks Kline.

“You can vote for who you want, but let me tell you something-” Frankel continues, as she takes pictures of the poster with her phone.

“I have Sean Hannity come here, I have a lot of conservative people -” Kline is heard saying, as the U.S. representative continues to berate him for his political views.

Frankel continues to tell Kline that she’s never coming in again and begins to walk out, but she hadn’t gotten all her anger out yet. When Kline apologizes that she feels that way, she stops in the doorway and says “No, I’m not coming in. Why should I? You’re telling me to come in for business when you’re campaigning against me?” Suddenly acting as if the owner is begging for her business – which he is absolutely not doing.

When Kline tries to defend his right as an American to vote for whoever he wants, which causes Frankel to walk back into the diner and say, “Listen, listen Mr. Trump. You have a right. I have a right.”

“Of course you do,” said the owner, who seems totally fine with losing her as a customer.

“I’m never coming in, that’s all,” says Frankel, again, as if the owner cares. She then storms out.

WATCH Frankel’s freakout:

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