If you haven’t already signed up to help protect the sanctity of our vote in some way…do it TODAY! Leisa and I have worked in polling places where crime rate is high and most poll workers are afraid to work. In the city of Detroit, we were surprised to find some very well run polling places. In Pontiac, MI, we experienced something quite different. We saw people using pill bottles as a form of identification. We were physically and verbally threatened by the poll supervisors and watched workers call in reinforcements to stand within our field of vision in an attempt to intimidate us. We are in a war with the Left who has no issue with bending or breaking the rules to win. We’re not advocating that anyone put themselves in harms way. We are only suggesting you get involved in some way to protect the sancticy of the vote. Contacting the non-partisan voter integrity organization True The Vote is the best first step. 

Election integrity and voters’ rights organization True the Vote announced that it successfully worked with officials in Ohio to remove duplicate voter registrations prior to the Ohio primary. These registrations were originally submitted by left-leaning and Democrat organizations, including ACORN.

Approximately 30 percent of voters registered twice in the Cleveland area and they did so with falsified birth dates, social security numbers, and other identification. These were submitted not only by ACORN, but by Field Works, The Strategy Network, Organizing for America, and other left-of-center organizations, says True the Vote (TTV) in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas.

Upon receipt of True the Vote’s research, 711 duplicate voter registrations were removed in Cuyahoga County and 465 sets were processed in Franklin County. TTV says it has been notified that thousands of duplicate voter registrations have also been removed in North Carolina.

“Because of Ohio’s consistent role as a decisive swing state in America’s elections, it has a duty to ensure that its voter records are in the best shape possible,” True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. “Having duplicate voters in Ohio’s poll books not only creates confusion at the polling place, but raises the possibility of fraudulent double voting. The Buckeye State has recently seen first-hand just how far some are willing to go to see their candidate or cause win.”

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TTV notes that the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) had a “well-established track record” of giving local election officials questionable voter registration forms for years, especially in Midwestern and other political battleground states.

ACORN bragged about submitting more than 1.3 million voter registrations in 2008 alone. After the organization was formally shutdown, 18 employees were convicted or admitted guilt to committing election crimes.

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A large percentage of the work that ACORN engaged in has been officially questioned.

A Cleveland man said he was given cash and cigarettes by ACORN in exchange for registering 72 times. The complaints started an investigation into the organization and witnesses were subpoenaed to testify against the organization.

The New York Post reported in 2009 that eleven ACORN workers in Florida were arrested after submitting approximately 1,400 applications of which about 900 were falsified.

More than 2,000 applications were falsified in Indiana and submitted just hours before the registration deadline.

As it relates to the 30 percent of Cleveland voters that registered twice, TTV founder Engelbrecht said, “While many voter records may become duplicated due to data management breakdowns, you have a different issue entirely when nearly a third of the irregularities show a pattern of intentional forgery.”

Engelbrecht warned, “Americans working in the polls and casting ballots must be extra vigilant this year to help spot irregularities that can throw an entire election into question.”

Via: Breitbart News

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