Australia’s Sky News anchors couldn’t help but laugh when reporting on the disgusting display of sycophantic CNN coverage given to feeble and frail “president” Biden. It would be funny here too…if it wasn’t so embarrassing.

One anchor smirked saying, “give Biden his due, he got to the top of the Airforce One steps without tripping over his shoelaces.”

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The pundits compared the media’s reporting of the current White House occupant to how they treated (or mistreated) President Trump, “Trump could do no right”

“… it’s really quite appalling to watch, and what happened to straight news reporting, which doesn’t seem to be existent there?”

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The G7 attendees appear to love Joe Biden. Not because he’s likable or smart, but because he is malleable and weak, exploitable.

Watch the embarrassing moment as Boris Johnson corrects geriatric Joe:

Juanita Broaddrick sums up the summit nicely:

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