Israel said 430 rockets or mortars had been fired from the Palestinian enclave run by Hamas since Saturday, and it responded with waves of air and tank strikes.

This video by the Israel Defense Forces shows the horrific reality that Israeli’s are facing as hundreds of rockets are being launched at them from Palestine.

The Israeli military says its Iron Dome defense system brought down more than 150 of the projectiles from Gaza, but several still managed to slip through. A rocket scored a direct hit on a residential home in the border town of Sderot. –Breitbart News

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Orthodox Jew, conservative activist and editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro blasted the Palestinians for their reckless terror activity against Israel, saying they care so little about their own citizens that the rockets hit their own people,” while Israel is retaliating by specifically targeting terrorists.”

Shapiro posted a video on Twitter showing Palestinians cheering “Allah Akbar” to celebrate the bombing of innocent Israelis.

While Palestinians launch hundreds of rockets into Israel, Israeli forces perform surgical strikes on Islamic terror leaders. Watch the video below that shows a targeted strike on a Hamas terrorist.

Israel Defense Forces posted this image of the Hamas terror leader’s vehicle after the targeted strike (seen above).

The images below reportedly show a kindergarten room that was blown up by Palestinian airstrikes.

This Israeli hospital was reportedly blown up by Palestinians. The video shows doctors, family, and personnel rushing to relocate patients safely to bomb shelters.

A heartbreaking video shows a Dutch mother who relocated with her family to Israel over concerns of rising anti-Semitism in the Netherlands.

Palestinians are using Twitter to make it appear as though Israel is indiscriminately attacking them.

U.S Representative Rashida Tlaib called out the “world” for “dehumanizing” “our Palestinian people.” Tlaib uses her massive following on Twitter to push a Palestinian victim message, telling her 500K followers that “Israel” is “unjustly” oppressing and targeting “Palestinian children and families.” She ends her message on Twitter, calling on the world to #FreePalestine.

This Twitter user, who, like Rashida Tlaib is pushing the victim narrative of Palestine, takes it one step further, as she tweets that “Gaza is being massacred by Israel.”

This Twitter user is claiming that Israeli forces hit a 6-story residential building.

Today, the Israel Defense Forces show the building they targeted to strike. In their tweet, they show the image of the building before they struck it, claiming it housed Hamas terror group operatives.

Multiple Twitter users, many of whom are American students, are attempting to blame Israel for killing a young girl, by posting images of what appears to be a deceased toddler.

According to Breitbart News,  Gazan authorities reported six Palestinians killed in the Israeli strikes, including at least two militants, however, Israel disputed their account of the deaths of a pregnant mother and her baby, blaming errant Hamas fire.

Hamas has a history of using women and children as human shields in their ongoing war against Israel.

Now, U.S. Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) is calling on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to stop allowing Hamas to use Twitter as a propaganda arm in their war against Israel. Zeldin tweeted: Hey @Jack, Since this tweet????, Hamas has launched over 400 rockets into Israel killing innocent victims, including a 1 year old child. You’re running a US company, providing an immensely valuable propaganda tool to a known terrorist organization killing people in real time.

Zeldin also called out the Twitter CEO for blocking conservative actor James Woods, while allowing the terror group Hamas’ propaganda to flow freely on his platform.

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