While the main stream media continues to chase anything and everything to try and take down President Trump, we have a serious problem with North Korea that’s heating up. The madman in charge of North Korea continues to stand firm even after sanctions were unanimously voted for at the UN. North Korea’s missile tests will continue in spite of any move the U.S. makes to stop them…

Dr. Sebastian Gorka spoke with Sean Hannity regarding this development:


The latest from FOX News

Despite the United States’ insistence that North Korea halt its missile tests, U.S. spy agencies detected the rogue communist regime loading two anti-ship cruise missiles on a patrol boat on the country’s east coast just days ago.

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It’s the first time these missiles have been deployed on this type of platform since 2014.

It also points to more evidence that North Korea isn’t listening to the diplomatic threats from the West.

“The best signal that North Korea could give us that they’re prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in the Philippines Monday.


TILLERSON”S FOUR NO’S: The United States does not seek •regime change, •the collapse of the regime, •an accelerated reunification of the peninsula or •an excuse to send the U.S. military into North Korea.


North Korea loaded two Stormpetrel anti-ship cruise missiles on a Wonsan guided-missile patrol boat at Toejo Dong on North Korea’s east coast.

“North Korea is not showing any evidence it plans to halt its missile tests,” said one official who requested anonymity to discuss sensitive information. “It’s a trend that does not bode well for hopes of de-escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula.”

The latest moves by Pyongyang point to a likely missile test in the days ahead or it could be a defense measure should the U.S. Navy dispatch more warships to the Korean peninsula, officials said. Read more: FOX News


Japan has held its first air-raid drills since World War Two amid fears of a nuclear strike by North Korea.
People on the country’s north-west coast practiced running for cover following Kim Jong-un’s latest ballistic missile tests.
A report filmed by the BBC saw adults and children sprinting indoors or sheltering behind walls as sirens wailed.

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