In 2016, celebrities came together to create an emotional video that minimized crimes committed or incidents that led to the death of black men and women, both young and old, across America. One of those celebrities was U2’s lead singer, Bono.

For many, Bono’s part in the video was even more controversial because he attempted to link the death of 9 black church members in South Carolina, who died while conducting a bible study at the hands of a young racist man, Dylann Roof, (who has since been sentenced to death for his heinous crime) with white cops who have killed blacks and have been found not guilty of intentional murder.

The video doesn’t just shine a light on injustices by white police officers, it promotes an atmosphere of hate and distrust for white people in America.

It seems rather unusual that after U2’s Bono would cancel his concert in St. Louis that was scheduled for tonight, following a night of violent protests that led to the breaking of windows in the St. Louis Mayor’s home (who supports BLM) and the shutting down of traffic for “safety” reasons. Isn’t this the same group he stood by when he participated in the controversial video above? Why would Black Lives Matter protesters harm anyone who came to see an entertainer who stood by them in such a powerful and emotional video?

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Why not host the concert? Let your fans know you support the people rioting in the streets. Give everyone a chance to sing kumbaya…

Here’s U2’s announcement on Twitter that they are canceling their concert out of concern for their fans “safety”. The hypocritical tweet reads: Tonight’s St. Louis Show Cancelled
‘We cannot risk fans’ safety.’

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Here’s  a screen shot of their statement:

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