This should come as no surprise to anyone who has watched these thugs in action. There is no line the union bosses won’t cross to keep the unions dues flowing….

The list, obtained by the 7 Investigators, is creating a stir among current and ex-union members in southeast Michigan.

The Warren chapter of the UAW, Local 412, appears to publicly shame those opting out of the union – listing 43 workers who, “choose not to pay their fair share.”

Paying members are encouraged to virtually shun them, the union saying, “do not share any tools, knowledge or support for any of these employees.”

Here’s a little sample (video below) of MI union workers and how they bully and harass anyone who tries to prevent them from forcing workers from joining. This video was taken in Lansing, MI prior to the passage of the Right-To-Work legislation. Leisa and I (Patty) were present at this event when these bullies spent days walking around threatening anyone who opposed them. They knocked over our podium and cut down banners on the stairs leading up to the State Capitol that we reserved. Male union members physically and verbally assaulted us and even went so far as to cut down the tent that AFP rented with several people inside, including a disabled woman with an oxygen tank. 


Critics say the union is, “Trying to use co-workers to peer pressure [them] to pay the union,” says Vincent Vernuccio with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. “We’ve seen other locals use it. Its just simply intimidation and bullying.”

Local 412 has a different take on this. They say its simply informational.

In the letter, the chapter claims the list is to make sure those ex-members are barred from events and other benefits.

The president of Local 412 didn’t answer our calls for comment.

One of those ex-members singled out in bold by the union is Robert Patchett. In an interview with 7 Action News, he said he feels like he has a “target on my back.”

He says a number of union workers have visited his office inquiring about him since the December list came out and he fears what that may mean. Via: WXYZ

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