Johnathan Perkins, Director of Race and Equity at UCLA who went on a Twitter rant about Justice Clarence Thomas has a grim history with race

Before his unhinged and racist Twitter Rant (with the primary Tweet being deleted for violating Twitter’s code of conduct,)  Johnathan Perkins, UCLA’s Director of Race and Equity, had a less than pleasant past.

Perkins is a race agitator. As a law student in 2011 he filed a report of police misconduct, alleging that officers were racially profiling him, which was entirely fabricated.

From Townhall: 

While a student at the University of Virginia School of Law in 2011, he made national news when he claimed he was the victim of racial profiling by the school’s police department. The case resulted in FBI involvement and what Perkins maintains was “a coerced recantation.”

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Years later, Perkins went public with “the full story,” alleging that a federal agent pressured him to recant his initial claim.

Perkins claimed the campus police racially profiled him until he recanted the allegation weeks later. Six to seven years passed by before Perkins decided to “set the record straight,” according to a 2018 Associated Press exposé where he claimed he was under duress when he said he fabricated the tale about how two white cops harassed him because he is black.

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In the summer of 2020 he went on to support the nationwide, race-instigated riots.

Now, the same man who claims to be a victim of racism, and for whom race is a core part of existence, decided to go on a hate-fueled rant about Justice Clarence Thomas

Perkins’s Tweet which was removed from Twitter
Perkins’s followup Tweets

When even woke Twitter removes a Tweet attacking on a conservative, you know it went too far. These Tweets are as unhinged and vile as they get, and for them to come from someone whose entire world-view revolves around racial victim hood makes perfect sense, despite the irony in using racist slurs against a black Supreme Court Justice.

His history of supporting riots and fabricating a police report to instigate racial tensions are equally black marks on his character.

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