This hero’s response to the threat of Islamic terror reminds us why we fight so hard to keep the Left from taking our 2nd Amendment Right away…

UFC fighter and ex-Green Beret Tim Kennedy has been questioned by the FBI after receiving threats from ISIS, Kennedy claimed on social media on Wednesday.

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‘Just spoke to the FBI regarding some recent credible threats towards me by #ISIS,’ Kennedy wrote in a post to his official Facebook page.

‘[The FBI] were not overly thrilled with my response … “Let those cowards come,”‘ the mixed martial art competitor wrote.
In an interview with Daily Mail Online, Kennedy, 36, said he receives several threats every day from what he calls ‘online bullies.’

‘They do what they always do. But they barked up the wrong tree this time,’ said Kennedy, who is ranked number six in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s middleweight class.
‘Are you gonna threat a Special Forces sniper? Tell him you’re gonna kill him?’

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Watch Tim Kennedy’s awesome response to Tucker Carlson about the threats he’s received from ISIS. This should be on a loop and played on every American TV and radio show:

This morning on Fox and Friends. Fun interview. Tucker had no idea what to say.

Posted by Tim Kennedy on Saturday, 16 January 2016

Kennedy said most of the threats he receives are sent through social media. He claimed some of the more recent threats were noticed by the FBI and that the agency called him up to warn him the threats could be credible.

‘When someone from an account overseas send American military celebrities pictures of beheaded bodies, saying they are going to kill you, the FBI takes notice,’ Kennedy said.
According to Kennedy, the FBI offered him ‘extra uniformed presence’ and to post squad cars outside his Texas residency.
But the FBI’s help is ‘not necessary,’ Kennedy said.

‘These guys kill women, unarmed journalists, and kids. They don’t go after people like me. I spent 12 years looking for people like this. They’re gutless cowards.’

Kennedy, who operates the self-defense company Sheepdog and works as a Special Forces weapons sergeant, said the call from FBI will not make him take extra precautions.

‘I have two guns on me right now. If they come after me, my family or my friends, it’s going to be the worst and last mistake they ever made.’

Via: UK Daily Mail

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