Our President sits quietly in our White House as riots and anarchy erupt in major cities across America. Kids are fighting in schools, taxpayer funded colleges are offering “safe-spaces” for Hillary supporters, yet no “safe spaces” are being allocated for those students who are being attacked by the Left for supporting Trump. Racial tensions are at an all-time high. Obama’s legacy of hate and division and the suppression of free speech is truly unprecedented in our great nation.


Over the course of the past 8 years, we’ve watched Obama punish innocent Americans like tea party and conservative groups for having opposing political views. He used the IRS to strong arm innocent Americans, making it crystal clear that in Obama’s America, they would no longer enjoy their First Amendment Right. To date, no one in the IRS paid a price for using Obama’s Stalinist tactics against innocent Americans who would not conform to Obama’s leftist ideology.


We watched in shock as Dinesh D’Souza received an unprecedented jail term for a campaign contribution violation after making his Obama 2016 movie. In Obama’s America, it’s become totally acceptable to punish someone with an opposing view.


Americans were stunned to see the out-of-control violence that was being used by the Left against Trump supporters in Chicago. Thanks to Project Veritas and their undercover video, we recently found out the guy behind the planned violence in Chicago was no other than Bob Creamer, the same man who visited Obama in the White House at least 340 times.bob-creamer-obama
Why was Creamer such a frequent visitor to our White House? What business was he conducting with our Community Organizer in Chief? Why is the media not asking this question?
Obamas’ rhetoric and intentional silence regarding acts of violence against innocent Americans has emboldened those on the Left and those of color to think it’s okay to physically harm someone who holds an opposing view. Even our youth are beginning to use his tactics to silence classmates with opposing views. With the help of professors and administrators, it’s happening all across our nation on college campuses. Conservative voices are effectively being shut down, while leftist views are being heralded and supported by the school.
This pervasive attitude of hate and division has permeated the halls of our high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. Here is what happens when kids think it’s okay to punish someone because they hold an opposing view.


This is Obama’s legacy of hate and division, and the acceptable use of strong-arm tactics to silence the opposition…

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