Hillary Clinton’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week continues as it turns out her 2016 presidential app may have mined Facebook data for millions of users.

The app asked users to pair their Facebook friends list with the contact list on their phones in an attempt to reach people and convince them to vote for Hillary.

Fox News has more details:

In the midst of the election, the Clinton campaign launched a mobile application called “Hillary 2016” that worked its way around the banned practice of gathering information from users’ friends without their consent.

The Clinton campaign’s use of big data raises concerns amid controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica, a data-driven company with ties to the Trump campaign that was accused of mining Facebook data and using it to target potential voters.

But a spokesman for Clinton pushed back against any comparisons with Cambridge Analytica, telling Fox News that the campaign’s mobile application merely “let users contact their friends about the campaign.”

President Donald Trump, however, recently reminded the public that his social media operation was viewed during the campaign as being less expensive and less sophisticated than Clinton’s.

People who didn’t download the application weren’t able to stop friends from pairing their phone numbers with Facebook accounts if their friends decided to do so.

Once the friends list was paired with the app, people had to swipe through their Facebook friends and dismiss those who, in their view, would never vote for Clinton. Once that was done, the remaining friends were sorted by location and the users could send a pre-written text message to convince them to back Clinton in numerous ways.

Facebook recently banned the acquisition of users’ friends list back in 2014 when former President Obama used this method to gain access to the data of millions of potential voters.

Facebook is no longer just a simple social media network where people can connect with one another and share important moments of their lives.

These sites have become integral to the free flow of information and are now hubs full of data that can be used as political weapons by ambitious politicians looking to further their careers.

This is something conservatives can no longer ignore, nor should they — as of now — abandon the platforms, as they possess such a powerful reach.

Conservatives must continue to push for truth and equality on these sites and demand that those who run them do so in a decentralized manner, allowing free speech to run rampant.

Only through the free exchange of thoughts and beliefs on the battlefield of ideas can save our country from the cusp of insanity it now rests upon.

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