When it comes to hypocrisy…the Democrat Party has cornered the market…

Only two days ago, actress Amber Heard tweeted a warning to her fellow Hollywood hypocrites that ICE  had set up a checkpoint near her home, and that they may want to help to get their illegal landscapers, housekeepers, and nannies to safety. 

Apparently, Hollywood liberals and Democrats are okay with hiring illegal aliens for cheap labor…because it’s all about “human rights” when you exploit people to save money.

Wearing a green jacket that read ‘I really do care,’ Ethel Kennedy celebrated at the annual Hyannis Port annual Fourth of July parade with a clear slap at the first lady.

Just a week before, it was announced that the 90-year-old would be participating in a hunger strike to protest President Trump’s immigration policies on the southern border.

But Ethel’s protestations may be somewhat hypocritical, as Robert F. Kennedy’s widow ‘treated her immigrant servants like dogs,’ according to insiders who worked for her.

After RFK’s assassination in June 1968, Ethel was the sole mistress of Hickory Hill, the Kennedys’ fabled estate in McLean, Virginia. became known as ‘Horror Hill’ because of Ethel’s temper tantrums and abusive treatment of the help.

She earned a reputation for slapping and berating immigrant household workers, cheating them out of money, and screaming at them like a ‘mad woman,’ causing them to flee in tears, or be fired,’ sources recalled.

Sympathetic friends blamed her behavior on the depression and anger brought on by the tragic loss of her husband, father of their 11 children, with the last born after he was killed.

Still, she made it a living hell for her help.

‘I really don’t think Ethel liked Hispanics or blacks,’ her one-time secretary, Noelle Fell, told me for my biography, The Other Mrs. Kennedy: Ethel Skakel Kennedy, an American Drama of Power, Privilege, and Politics.

Fell, one of a number of Ethel’s former employees interviewed for the book, asserted that Ethel ‘couldn’t stand it if [the immigrant help] didn’t speak English well, or understand it. Ethel would say something once, and if they didn’t understand it she would be furious, scream at them and threaten to fire them, or worse.’

But now, in her golden years, as one of the last of the renowned Kennedy wives, she has volunteered to fast for 24 hours as part of a 24-day hunger strike, in memory of the more than 2,000 immigrant children from south of the border who have reportedly been separated from their parents while illegally crossing from Mexico into the U.S.

As part of the protest, the Kennedy widow was to make a financial donation in lieu of the food she would have eaten, according to her daughter, Kerry Kennedy, who heads the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization, a nonprofit advocacy group.

‘We want to find a way for people who can’t go down to the border to actually do something themselves at home that is concrete and creates change, and this is what we’re calling on them to do,’ said Kerry, Ethel’s seventh-born child.

She described her mother as ‘very joyful’ about the protest -#BreakBreadNotFamilies.’

But immigrants from south of the border who were employed by Mrs. Kennedy in the years following her husband’s murder found ‘no joy’ in working for her, sources stated.

As one asserted, ‘They were treated like dogs.’

And even an African American woman in her employ suffered verbal racial abuse, recalled Kennedy brother-in-law, actor Peter Lawford.

Sitting in the kitchen at Hickory Hill nursing a cup of coffee, he later claimed, he witnessed Ethel voicing a racial slur at a maid who was cleaning and inadvertently tossed an item that Ethel was saving, involving her late husband.

As Lawford later recounted, ‘Ethel screeched, “What are you doing?”

‘The maid said, “I’m throwing this away, Mrs. Kennedy.”

‘And Ethel said,”‘You stupid ******. Don’t you know what you’re doing? Get out of my sight. You’re fired!” The woman fled in shock.’

Returning to his home in Los Angeles, Lawford mentioned the scene to his then-wife, Patricia Seaton Lawford, who recalled, ‘Peter was very upset. He had been very much into the civil rights movement and he hated what Ethel had said.’

‘Over the years he had seen a lot of self-righteous behavior in Ethel.’

Noelle Fell, however, noting that she had never heard Ethel use the N-word, remembered ‘she would say things like, “black people are stupid.”

To members of the Kennedy circle, Ethel’s use of a racial slur seemed incomprehensible because she and her late husband – renowned in the civil rights movement – were friends with the likes of such celebrated African Americans as Coretta King, widow of Dr. Martin Luther King; the Olympian Rafer Johnson, and Cesar Chavez, the Mexican-American labor leader and civil rights activist.

Ethel’s son, Robert Kennedy Jr., would later claim that his mother never used such racist language.

But Ethel could also be physically abusive – especially to South American immigrants with poor language skills – as underscored by an incident witnessed by Fell.

‘Ethel had asked one of the maids, who had difficulty with English, to bring her a jar of face cream,’ recalled Fell.

‘When Mrs. Kennedy asked for something it had to be right away. When she was in a hurry everything flew.’

The servant somehow misunderstood what she had been told and soon returned with sanitary napkins, rather than the requested face cream.

Furious, the Kennedy widow ‘hit her in the face, just slapped her,’ Fell told me.

As Fell saw it, ‘Mrs. Kennedy was a great actress. She was trying to show her guests what a nice boss she was. I remember her saying – and I laughed to myself when I heard it – “I have really valuable people working for me. She’s one of the best.”

‘But if Mrs. Kennedy didn’t have an audience – watch out!’

To read the entire story: The Daily Mail

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