My biggest complaint against modern American Christmas is that it has very little to do with anything spiritual at all.

There is very much money spent and clamoring to get the new Xbox, but how many Americans truly focus on Christ, spirituality, religion, or God during the holiday season?

Increasingly, we see less and less of this and more and more of the glitzy decorations and material gifts.

I get that these things are nice and I am not trying to dull anyone’s holiday cheer, but they should not be the focus of Christmas or the holidays.

There is nothing wrong with these things in, and of, themselves, but something has gone horribly wrong when they steal the plot to become the main thing.


Religion, doing good things for others, truly meaningful things that could potentially change lives, and not engaging in even more materialism should be the focal points of Christmas.

We as Americans have more than we need when it comes to nice material things—even in Joe Biden’s awful economy.

But when was the last time there was a religious revival on Christmas or the divorced couple got back together on Christmas? When was the last time we heard a story about the estranged son making up with his parents on Christmas?

We don’t hear about these things, we hear about the deals, and black Friday, and the fancy decorations.

It doesn’t help that the ‘leadership’ in the country does very little to encourage these things either, choosing instead to focus on glamorous displays and not on religion or morality.

Jill Biden recently decked out the White House in Christmas decorations, some are calling the decor shabby, but I still think the decorations are extravagant by any measure.

She even released a message to go along with the incredibly extravagant decorations that likely cost a fortune to put up, but did she mention God, morality, or Jesus, even once? Nope.

Jill Biden had this to say, according to ABC News:

“Each room is designed to capture this pure, unfiltered delight and imagination” so visitors “see this time of year through the wondrous, sparkling eyes of children.”

Conservative News Daily writes: “A change in the White House’s holiday decorations raised a few eyebrows on Monday. First Lady Jill Biden unveiled elaborate Christmas decor in the State Dining Room, and noticeably absent were the  stockings previously hung in honor of the Biden.”

CBS News also covered the White House Christmas decor and presented more of Jill Biden’s comments:

She thanked the “hundreds of volunteer decorators and designers” who made this year’s display possible.

“Children have something to teach us, if we are wise enough to listen,” the first lady said.

“How to remain present, even as a busy world beckons us. How to open ourselves up to love and wonder and to marvel at every moment, no matter how ordinary.”

Meanwhile, here are memories of better (and classier) times:

Melania Showcases White House Blue Room Christmas Tree In Timelapse Video

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone.

The White House is looking to be full festivities, with a huge, decorated Christmas tree now put up on full display in the Blue Room on the first floor.

So, let’s celebrate the night before Christmas with this lovely timelapse video of the WH Christmas tree being decorated, courtesy of our wonderful First Lady, Melania Trump, via Twitter:

The video of the Christmas tree wowed the Internet, earlier, with many people praising Melania for her sense of holiday taste.

Check out these response tweets:


International Business Times has more to say about the WH Blue Room Christmas tree and the praise it has earned Melania:

Melania Trump just unveiled the beautiful decorations inside the Blue Room at the White House.

The FLOTUS shared a behind the scenes video featuring a group of workers who are putting up a huge Christmas tree adorned with sparkling lights on her Twitter account.

Immediately after, the first lady was praised by her supporters for having a beautiful and elegant taste.

“Thank you very much @FLOTUS and Americans appreciate your leadership and are grateful for the true class you have brought to the #WhiteHouse. #MerryChristmas,” Twitter user @Pro1stAmendment wrote.

“What a wonderful treat to see. Thinking of our first family, praying for each of you and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas,” Twitter user @letitbe1023 said.

“Wow! What a production! Simply beautiful! Thank you, FLOTUS! God Bless you and Merry Christmas!” Twitter user @eileen02161 said.

“May God bless those special elves that serve us behind the scene to make the house of our dear president and first lady and family reside awesomely! #ThankYouGod,” Twitter user @painter_wife said.

“Amazing efforts bring beautiful results! #MerryChristmas,” Twitter user @2js1T said.

“The tree is spectacular! Merry Christmas!” Twitter user @sandrahumsted said.

Express also said:

The FLOTUS sent Twitter into meltdown following her post showing how the grand tree of the White House’s Blue Room is put together. Many replied to the video with Christmas well wishes, thanking Melania for posting the video and revealing how the White House tackles the momentous task.

One user wrote: “That is awesome! Merry Christmas to the greatest first lady of all time.”

Several replies congratulated Melania on being what the people called the best first lady to ever have graced the US.

One person said: “Amen! First Lady Melania is best.”

Another wrote: Thank you Melania!

“We love our first family. Merry Christmas!”

Melania Trump Shows Off Christmas Decorations at the White House in Video

It’s easy to lose track of what is really important in life with all the negativity surrounding our country currently.

Democrats are currently attempting to pull of the greatest political crime of all time, and many of them are also trying to destroy the holidays for Americans.

We must never forget just how important Christmas is to this country and its people.

Luckily for us, First lady Melania Trump is doing her part to spread the Christmas joy.

Mrs. Trump showed off some of the stunning Christmas decorations in a new video.

Fox News has more on Melania’s beautiful showcase of Christmas:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas inside the White House.

Just one week after welcoming a massive 18-plus-foot Fraser fir at the White House, first lady Melania Trump has shared footage of the festive decorations adorning the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

On Monday morning, Trump shared a peek at this year’s Christmassy touches, which feature more traditional decorations than in years past, with plenty of trees (green trees) decorated with bulbs, stars and what appear to be decorations made by children from across the country.

A video shared by Trump also appears to show a mini White House decked out for the holiday, as well as a train set (dubbed the “White House Express”) chugging alongside the boughs of holly.

This year’s theme, called “America the Beautiful,” is aimed at paying “tribute to the majesty of our great Nation,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Together, we celebrate this land we are all proud to call home.”

This year’s theme is “America the Beautiful.”

Melania took to Twitter to share the video, as well as pictures.

Here’s footage of the First Lady recieving the White House Christmas tree.

It’s important for all of us to accept and give some Christmas joy during this news cycle.

Melania’s White House Christmas Decorations Praised As Best Yet

Melania Trump is not only a classy, elegant, wonderful first lady, but she also has an eye for design.

This year’s White House Christmas decorations prove that!

Melania has just unveiled the gorgeous decor now adorning the White House – all with a patriotic theme.

She calls it “The Spirit Of America.”

Our country’s national flower red roses cover the White House fireplace, star ornaments hang from the ceiling to symbolize the Star-Spangled banner, mini-gingerbread and advent calendar replicas of the White House add to the festivity, and, of course, U.S. flag-themed ornaments decorate classic Christmas trees – including a tree for Gold Star families that lost a loved one in service to our nation.

Check out the patrioitic beauty on Melania’s social media:

Best yet:

See the Christmas-decorated White House in all its glory in this video released by Melania:

President Trump and Melania Bring Beautiful CHRISTmas Message!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I wanted to share this short and heartwarming Christmas message from our wonderful President and First Lady.

Do you ever remember any prior President ever speaking about not just God but Jesus Christ as much as our President does?

Me either.

THIS is why we need Four More Years!

Please enjoy:

From the Epoch Times:

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump wished Americans a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, expressing gratitude to God and courageous citizens.

“The President and I want to wish every American a very Merry Christmas,” they said in a video released on Thursday. “At Christmas, we thank God for sending us his son to bring peace to our souls and joy to the world.”

The first couple expressed appreciation to citizens for showing courage amid the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, including teachers, students, law enforcement officers, military personnel, etc.

“As you know, this Christmas is different than years past. We are battling a global pandemic that has affected all of us,” they said.

The president said the fast availability of the huge number of CCP virus vaccine doses is a “Christmas miracle.”

“We are delivering millions of doses of a safe and effective vaccine that will soon end this terrible pandemic and save millions and millions of lives. We’re grateful for all of the scientists, researchers, manufacturing workers, and servicemembers who have worked tirelessly to make this breakthrough possible,” he said.

Here are are a few more.

From prior years:

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