Chaos is finally coming to full form in Charlottesville as Antifa and other leftist protesters blurt out unamerican chants as a barrage of reports swirl on Twitter documenting the attacks that police and news crews have faced. The alleged white supremacists mostly stayed home and only about two dozen of them reportedly showed, which meant that Antifa had to find a new crowd to attack. When there were no tiki torch people to fight with, the leftists then turned their back on the news and police as they sporadically attacked. The only good thing about this is that maybe we can stop making tiki torches a sign of bad politics and start using them in backyard BBQ’s again!

In this update, we’ve got everything from profanity-laced rants, smoke bombs, news cords being cut, police attacked, and absolute insanity that is sure to help you vote for GOP candidates in every election you participate in.

Besides all the nonsense like chants, attacks, and whatever else they thought they accomplished, there was one woman who might have been the blue wave herself.

There she goes on a profanity-laced rant that’s sure to attract hard working honest American citizens. Nah, that’s the kind of thing you #WalkAway from. Not my cup of tea, that’s for sure.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

The Antifa/leftists continued marching, reportedly chanting terrible things about ending America and borders, and also allegedly cutting the cords of cameras from news stations.

A recent handful of Tweets shows that as the day goes on, the action from the left intensifies. One video showed the protesters chanting “No border, no wall, no USA at all” as per Perry Stein’s Tweet about the unamerican gathering of people who seem to dislike everything from the center to the right of politics and life in general.

A member of ABC’s staff, DeJuan Hoggard, reported that protesters cut his camera crew’s cord.

“Protestors didn’t want to be filmed and cut my photographer’s audio cable cord.”

Hoggard also reported a woman spitting on the crowd finally being arrested.

Perry chimed in again with more coverage of the protesters throwing smoke bombs at police. This doesn’t make sense because there aren’t really any white supremacy people there to fight, so why are the leftist protesters throwing smoke bombs at the police? That doesn’t make sense.

James Hasson asked a really good question and wants to know if screaming “f-ck the police” is a common chant that anti-hate and tolerant people usually say. Maybe it wasn’t intentional, but he made Anne Rumsey Gearan look really bad when he specifically asked “Is “f*ck the police” a common anti-hate chant?”

After Antifa knocked a camera out of a journalists hand, they were shockingly called out by Jake Tapper from CNN.

If that wasn’t the shock of the day, then I don’t know what is!

The far-left and Antifa crowd expected to clash with white supremacists, but barely any of the white power people showed up. There was maybe two dozen and they were surrounded by police and didn’t seem to be there very long. Since there’s no one else for the leftists to fight, they’ve sadly turned their anger towards the media and the police.

Calling for NO BORDERS is ridiculous because we don’t want to become the next Germany, Sweden, or London. Calling for NO USA doesn’t even make sense, but then again – do they ever make sense?

James Woods pointed out that protesters were claiming all cops are racist. That’s funny because it’s not even remotely true and there are cops of all different nationalities, which in the mind of the liberal, only the white ones are probably racist. It’s like the Antifa can’t even get their chants correct.

It’s just funny because even when they have made their point and their opponent, the white supremacists, barely show up – they turn around and attack the cops and the media.

Doesn’t make any sense at all, does it?


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