Now it all makes sense. UnAmerican Olympic athlete Gwen Berry recently caused a backlash when she turned her back on the U.S. flag during the awards ceremony at the Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon.

Even though photos of Berry have emerged showing her holding up the American flag, she insists she’s “pissed” about the anthem being played. Now, the truth comes out. Berry has sold out to a radical activist group that wants to defund the NYPD. This is more reason why Gwen Berry should be kicked off of the Olympic team. This organization claims the Olympics is more than a sporting event and wants to turn the traditional event into a radical protest against their latest target.

Color of Change tweeted out their support for Berry, describing themselves as a “leading racial justice organization driven by more than 7 million members who are building power for black communities.”

They announced their sponsorship of Berry: “We’re proud to sponsor @MzBerryThrows, to have negotiated a sponsorship with @PUMA, and to continue to push corporations to support black athletes who speak out for our communities. Grateful for Gwen’s leadership today and every day.We’re proud to sponsor @MzBerryThrows”

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The group is also pushing a petition calling to overrule an Olympic rule banning visible protests like taking a knee.

Color of Change’s president, Rashad Robinson, has voiced his desire to defund the police too: “Policing is a violent institution that must end.”

The group has a petition to “Take ACTION to Divest in NYPD”:

“The NYPD has waged war against Black people and communities of color in NYC. And the only way to stop police violence is to stop siphoning tax dollars to the NYPD and invest in the material conditions that actually impact the safety of our communities.”


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