On Sunday morning, Joe Biden visited Uvalde, Texas to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the shooting at Robb Elementary School.

Last week, law enforcement officers who responded to the school shooting received an invitation to attend a private address from Biden. However, most were uninvited shortly after, being told that space at the venue is too limited to accommodate everyone – despite the fact that the venue can accommodate hundreds of people.

More than 90% of the Border Patrol agents who had been invited had their invitation rescinded. Over 80 of these agents who were involved in the response to the shooting received an invitation to the President’s address, but late on Saturday, the Border Patrol was told that Biden could only meet with 7 of these Border Patrol agents.

Not only were these uninvited agents responsible for evacuating teachers and students from the shooter’s path of destruction but they also provided emergency medical attention to the victims. However, for unknown reasons, most Border Patrol agents were just kicked off of Biden’s invite list.

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According to reports from a senior Customs and Border Protection source, mid-level managers from the Border Patrol were instructed to decide who would be permitted to attend the event with Biden. The source criticized the Biden regime’s motivation for this event, saying, “It appears now as if this planned meeting was nothing more than a photo opportunity with the law enforcement community.”

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